Loyalty Beyond Reason

Apple is a powerful brand. Everybody knows that.

From the coolest phones to the latest laptops, they continue to make uncreative people feel creative through their sleek products and designs.

The popularity of Apple has spawned a number of companies that build customized products for Apple users - think carrying cases for your iPod or a giant speaker system.

Apple doesn't build these add-ons but they certainly like them. They give their users options and help reinforce how cool their products are.

That brings us to the iBlade. A high quality razor with a titanium body, 24hr rechargable battery and a 2 GB memory card.

Does this actually exist? Who knows. But it's fun to imagine what other Apple add ons people might have in store.

Yes - Nerds Still Exist

Great screen grab from Digg a few days ago.

Think it's hard to get one of your stories on the front page?

Just title it "12 clips of topless greased up women playing Wii" and you're guaranteed at least three thousand Diggs.

Leveraging an Insight


Advergirl's Four Rules for Career Success

Advergirl is a great little blog about advertising. The writer, a true account person, has a ton of fun posts ranging from working with various parts of the industry to neat campaigns.

One of her latest posts outlines four simple rules for success in the industry. To quote:

  • Never be silent in a meeting. You're there for a reason. Participate. Add value. Take notes.
  • Always build trust. Demonstrate that you understand the business - the entire business, not just your department - and your boss's painpoints. Take actions that show you're a responsive steward of the business, the brand and your boss's sanity.
  • Keep generating ideas. New ideas. Fresh perspectives. Not just words/pictures/projects/research or whatever the details of your job description mandate.
  • Learn to read a room. Nothing will get you farther in business than empathy. Stop talking when eyes glaze. Offer solutions when brows crease. Pay attention to all the nonverbal feedback coming your way and act on it.

Don't just get through your day-to-day. Be a part of it.

Make The Most Of Now

Really enjoy this new spot from Vodafone. You don't see many 90 second spots these days, but this one does a good job keeping the viewers interest.

The ending has a nice payoff and attempts to answer the "why do I need internet on my mobile?" question in a meaningful way.

Use those bits of time wisely.

European Windows Error

It seems like these Window's error messages are spreading...this one's from London....
Thanks to Jen for the pics!


Stumble Upon It - The Return of Surfing

When was the last time you surfed the web, looking for something new?

These days, it seems that when you go on the web you already know (in general) what you're looking for.

Just go to Google, type it in and in less then a few seconds, you've got about a billion responses.

But what do you do if you want to find new pages on the web at random? What if you want to really surf the web?

Join Stumble Upon.

Stumble Upon is a site that asks you to tell it what you like. From humor to technology, art to science, set the parameters and then start surfing.

The site gives you pages, based on your interests, and asks you whether you like the page or not. If you like it, the algorithm adjusts itself to show you more pages within that category and if you don't, pages that are similar are removed.

After about a week, I've stumbled upon some great sites. It's easy to register and great to get going.

Discover something new on the web - even when you're not searching for it.

Share Everything

With the holiday's just around the corner, we wanted to share the perfect gift with you;

The TwoDaLoo toilet.

Nothing says love like a washroom with two toilets right beside each other.

You can even get a LCD TV screen and an iPod dock installed in your unit.

For only $1400US, it's the perfect gift.

Link from Gizmodo