Does School Kill Creativity?

When Presentation Zen recommends
a TED talk (and calls it his favorite of all-time), I watch. This is a fabulous talk about how the foundation of education needs to foster creative thought - not kill it. So many industries operate under the same "follow this path to success" model that many creative ideas are killed because they fall outside cultural norms. People who can foster change within their agencies through creative process and thought will be big, long-term winners.

Nothing sells like a baby

I have been seriously entertained by this E*trade campaign. Press play on all the goodness below:

Amazing copywriting, cute as hell visor:

Check the golden pipes:

And of course we have shared this campaign before...here, here and here.


Want to have an affair?

Then register a profile on AshleyMadison.com. The dating site for people in a commited relationship who are looking for a random outlet (not a relationship) from their day-to-day partner. Their tagline?

"Life is short. Have an affair."

Think I'm making this up? Here is a TV spot that the site tried to run during the Super Bowl (banned in Canada and the majority of the US)

What an idea. Nothing shows how long the Long Tail is better than a site like this. By last count, the site has over 3.2 million profiles. Need an example of a niche social network in your next presentation? This is it.

Thanks to EV for the video link!


Here Come the Ads...

It's the most important day of the year for TV-obsessed brands: the Super Bowl. A number of lists have been released already (and I'm hoping the place we are watching get's an American feed) and tomorrow will be a big day of "best commercials" from the big game.

We'll be doing a search for the new "Canadian content" out there and will hopefully find a few gems...