Largest Window's Error Ever?

Live from Times Square!
"We're sorry, but something is wrong with your Window's system."
The costs associated with this space are probably, well, astronomical. Thanks for the error message!


Don't you just love old school ads?

Look at how awkward Mr.T actually looks? Same with the lady (whose name is Nancy...)

I wonder what she really wants...

Thanks to Steve for the Pic!

A Good Laugh

Even though this video isn't in English, it always makes me laugh.

The story is this:

A man is on a talk show being interviewed with his mother. Due to an accident (I don't know the details), the man had to have both of his testicles removed. The interviewer has trouble - well - keeping himself together.

Contextual Ads Strike Again

Another example of a contextual ad gone wrong.

Nice work, Verizon. Good to be a part of this article.

Link from Copyranter.

World AIDS Day

Nice spot. Can get a bit repetitive but hey, that's the point.


WARNING: This Is On Regular TV

OK. I'll admit it. The first time I saw this spot I was shocked and scared.

That, and the fact that I was watching reruns of The Hills - not the type of thing you want to see after watching a dreary (but juicy) "reality" show.

The campaign is called "Prevent It" and is Canadian.

While I'm all for preventing accidents in the work place, shocking (and horrifying) advertising makes me jump more than change.

My guess is the insight behind the campaign was to jar workers out of the dangers they face everyday; dramatize a seemingly harmless job (restaurant cook) and show what can happen when things go wrong.

Does this resonate or simply shock?

Yes - We Are Still Alive

Remember that time when we didn't post for a week? Let's hope this doesn't happen again. We could write a huge post about how busy we are, how it's pitch season and a number of campaigns are heating up - but really - who cares?

For the time being, consider this our apology for the lack of posting.

Please come back. Seriously.

While you're debating, check out this spot from Sprite. Sprite has created some nice, funny content worth passing on before, but this is pretty neat.