Best video of 2009? Maybe. Greatest wedding entrance? Yes.

Not ad related at all but related in the fact that is amazing, contagious and made my evening.

Tyler found this by searching the bowels of the internet also know as Perez Hilton. In Tyler's words this will be the "best video of 2009".

UPDATE: Ty here - I wanted to add a thought to PC's post. If I was the CMO of Pepsi, I would buy this video and brand it immediately. Can you think of a better example of how to "JOY IT FORWARD?". It fits perfectly with the new campaign and would do wonders as a TV spot. Even though this video already has 7 million views, a ton of people will never see it unless it's on TV...Pepsi (or another smart marketer) could benefit a ton by leveraging this great content. Check it out:


Google Voice: Just something small they cooked up

This is will be huge.

Nike: Federer 15

Two :15 second ads would have made more sense.

I liked this the first time I saw it but the second time I felt like they could have done something more emotional, more symbolic. The spot does not do his legacy justice.

Nike SB: Good Day

Nike SB has been doing some great work lately. Not only from an advertising standpoint but also from a sponsorship and product creation standpoint.

Enjoy the tunes, the tricks and the beautiful cinematography.

Le Film: Microsoft Office 2010 Ad

There are some great moments within this. At least they can laugh at themselves.

Now, my next question is, what percentage of site visitors actually download silverlight and enter the site? I bet that hurts metrics and skyrockets the bounce rate.

Yes...We've Gone AWOL

Sorry to all our regular readers about the lack of posts in the past week. With the day jobs and a small conference that we're organizing in Canada, AdJoke has taken a bit of a summer break. We're going to still be posting every week, it just might not be on the daily schedule until September 12th hits.

Check out what we're working on here and thanks for your patience!