The New Instant Win

Download the software. Find a Pizza Hut promo poster. Take a picture and you are instantly taken to the Promo site and told what you have won. Everything from coupons to prizes.
This promo is simple, rewarding and instant - I like it. What could make it better? Have the software available for a bluetooth download from transit shelter ads or kisoks in Pizza Huts.
Found on Adrants (which I am enjoying a lot less than I used to).

Consumption on the move

I have spent the last 30 minutes studying this graph. I find it amazing. The most intersting items I have pulled from it are that it is entertainment items that have the fastest adoption rates and not quality of life products. It looks to me like the products that have the steepes curves are VCR, colour TV and radios.

I have also noticed that there appears to be some loose correlation between related products, which would be expected. Computer and internet curves both seem to increase after a 20% adoption, for these products it took 20% of households to convince the other 40% that these products are worth your dollar.

Found on Adverlab via NY times


Rogers Wireless - Now on Facebook

Rogers Wireless, a Canadian Telcommunications company, has recently launched a new corporate page on Facebook called MyMusic.

MyMusic is a page that consolidates a number of music partnerships that Rogers has - from top Universal artists to MTV Canada, as well as their own music properties like the Rogers MusicStore and Redpipe.

It also houses an application, called MyArtist, that allows you to post questions for featured artists. The top five users with the most questions after a few weeks have them asked to Hedley (the current band) in an exclusive interview that is then posted back to the page.

In the interests of full disclosure, I have helped develop this page over the last few months and am excited that Rogers is now involved in the Social networking world.

When developing the page, we did an audit of how other brands are using Facebook (see Verizon or TD for examples) and found that the majority of them are simply creating wallpaper pages that drive back to their home sites.

One of the main objectives of MyMusic was to ensure that the user experience was not fragmented and kept within the Facebook environment.

Although we only have a few hundred fans, the hope is that we will continue to grow the page over time (with additional artists and apps on their way) and become a solid part of the social network scene.

Feel free to add your comments - good or bad - and please visit here if you want to check it out.


100 for 18?

In a recent NY times article, columnist Ron Nixon goes into an in-depth overview of how the RED campaign has performed. Launched a few years ago by some mega-brands - GAP, Motorola and now Dell - the campaign was designed to raise awareness about the AIDS epidemic and the funds raised help go to HIV foundations in Rwanda, Ghana and Switzerland.

Even though the cause is an excellent one, many groups are criticizing the campaign because (after an Advertising Age article) of the amount of money spent on advertising vs. the amount donated - approximately $100 million vs. $18 million.

Although their actions are noble, the brands associated true objective was most likely to build brand preference by leveraging a social cause.

It has certainly worked. The campaigns for Red from Motorola, Dell and Gap have been quite powerful but they are also expensive to produce. Would it have been better to have simply lobbied these companies to give a one-time donation directly to the fund rather than advertise as well?

For Red, yes. For the brands, hell no.

$18 million in the context of a donation is a massive number and the Red campaign as certainly done a lot of good for the AIDS cause. But make no mistake, it's sold a lot of non-Red products for the brands involved as well.

Innovative Out of Home

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That's the number of videos that were viewed online in 2007 according to Comscore.

Google sites (YouTube), represented the largest stake of the views with over 32% of the total. With numbers like that, the pre-roll won't be far away!

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