AJ 23. Become Legendary.

The AJXX3 release will be similar to the release of any greatly anticipated product a shit-load of exclusivity, mixed with a big ad spend. Only 23 Nike sanctioned stores, each with only 23 pairs will have the kicks on Jan 25. $230 will be the ticket. This initiative will be supported by a campaign appropriately titled “Become Legendary.” Jordan, Melo, Chris Paul and Ray Allen will appear in the spots which are expected to come out mid January. I will try to post them/it as soon as the campaign is released.

I wonder what other support tactics will be unveiled over the next 3 weeks? Microsites? Promotional events? World-wide roll-out, etc?

Horrible Media Placement Part 5067

It keeps happening and it keeps getting worse. How can the industry address these problems and quickly?
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Radiohead - Scotch Mist

Radiohead continues their onslaught of unique online marketing tactics for their new album "In Rainbows". Scoth Mist is a 52 minute film that includes every song from In Rainbows and was posted to YouTube by Radiohead on Jan. 1st. Just under 1 Million views in 11 days, 4800 comments and another first for the music business.

I like to just press play and listen while I work.


The slowest car they've ever built

I don't know how this spot eluded me for 11 months???

Not amazing but I like the spot for the Audi R8 almost as much as I like the car.

A year of ideas will make you think.

One day I want my ideas to be featured in this video. I wonder why some of these ideas never made it to mainstream media.

NY Times a year of ideas:


Quiet Down

The Hearing Foundation of Canada released three TV spots in late November that have gained some good attention from the Canadian media and even, TBS.

Of the three, this one is my favorite - it was also ranked #9 in TBS's 2007 Funniest Commercials show.

Surprised this spot made it on air? So was I.

That being said, the Hearing Foundation has found a way to keep their message about hearing loss relevant and shows that it isn't just geriatrics's that need to worry about the loss of hearing; it is everyone young and old.

The spots link to a website called where the entire series is posted. One of the neat things about the site is that it is running a contest for graphic designers / developers to help build it.

It's quite basic right now (hence the contest) but it will be interesting to see the submissions and the new design in a few months.

Thanks to Katy and T for the link.

PC and Ty


Book of the Month; The Futurist

Over the break, I read a great little novel called The Futurist.

Written by James P. Othmer, former Executive Director of Young & Rubican, the novel is about a futurist - Yates - who travels the world from global conference to conference, brining hope about the future.

But during the opening of the novel, Yates finally gets tired of all the BS his life is about and goes off the wagon - speaking the truth no matter what the consequences.

What I liked about this novel is that it's over the top, out of control writing with some neat mini narratives interwoven - like a private space station for rich billionaire's that runs out of oxygen on reality TV.

As someone who doesn't read much fiction, it was nice to take a break from the ad books and the other stuff and really get into this good story. Highly recommended if you're in the mood for something different.

Thanks to PC for the book!

The Green Spot

This spot, from EDF Energy (a power company in the UK), was made from recycled footage - all in an effort to strengthen their green agenda for the future.

A nice idea and neat spot.

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Mac - Referee Spot

Debuted with the NFL playoffs. By the way I love the leopard packaging.

You are officially dead...

Unless you turn off the TV and buy Converse.

Taxi - 15 yrs already?

From Digital World:

"When Paul Lavoie, chairman of respected ad firm Taxi, brainstormed ideas to commemorate the company’s 15th anniversary, he wanted to do something to change the world.

Enter Steve Mykolyn, Taxi’s Toronto executive creative director, who proposed this selfless idea: Why not create a thick coat ideal for those living on the street? Mykolyn contacted a college friend, designer Lida Baday, and together they worked on an all-season lightweight weatherproof coat to be given free to the homeless across Canada and the U.S. Baday decided to insulate the coat with newsprint, which is the second most popular insulation material after fiberglass."


To raaise awareness for a wall climbing centre monkeys were placed on windows in hard to reach but easy to see places complete with t-shirts that read,

I find this campaign cute, entertaining and it definitely carries a lot of talk value.

Read in Strategy...found on adofdamonth.