AXE Vice - Nice Girls Turn Bad

A new mockumentary webisode from AXE. Nice girls start to go crazy when they smell guys wearing AXE. It's worth watching - a bit funny (especially the last 45 seconds) - but not half as good as the AXE Ravenstoke, Alaska video that was created a few months ago.

Ravenstoke, Alaska

Cell Phone Ad Pokes Fun At Holocaust

Bell Solo Mobile a Canadian Cell phone company is in the process of removing several advertisements across the country after the undertones of the campaign execution were revealed. A button poking fun at Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp.

The ad demonstrates an advertiser's negligence and extremely poor taste. The Solo Mobile ad, which is hung high above the crowds inside Downsview Subway Station in Toronto depicts a tearful woman wearing a series of buttons, one of which reads "Belsen was a gas," a reference to Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp used during the Second World War.

Who is to blame? A ingnorant wardrobe assistant? A creative who thought they could slip one by the client and Canadians or just a consolidated group of clients, creatives and account people who were too busy pushing another execution through to realize what they were doing. I am guessing they grabbed a bunch of buttons for the shoot from a bucket in a store for $1 each and picked their favourite colours - not takign time to digest the messages.

I wonder how many people will take a fall over this one.

Link to the news story from Toronto's city TV.


Naked News Gone Bad

BikiniZero is a website featuring all of the latest tech news from start-ups to applications delivered by Bikini clad ladies. The content is quite good besides the awful sexual innuendos, the women are alright, the music is horrible and the site design is quite tacky.

All-in-all I am interested to see if this takes off.

Bud light - Marriage

I felt like sharing an old spot that always makes me smile.

Thanks for reminding me J-Nich.

Link of the Day - 50 Most Influential Bloggers

Found a great article on Digg today about the 50 most influential bloggers. For people who have just got into the blogosphere, it's a great read about who to check out on the Web. Some interesting choices and some definite additions to your RSS feeds.

Check all 50 out here.


Ad Quote of the Day

"Don't bunt. Aim out of the ball park. Aim for the company of immortals."
David Ogilvy

Clocks that will amaze you isn't just a great name, it is a site filled with extremely interesting and unique clocks.

These clocks tell time and more. For example you can view a clock that tracks US crime statistics:

This world clock below is amazing. I click the now button at the top right before I make or join any conferences calls that I am not looking forward to. After the call I look at how many people around the world have died, become ill, imprisoned or injured and I think to myself, "Hey, the last 20 minutes could have been worse".

Try it - it works.


When Agencies Go To Far - 9/11 Ads

Today marks the 6 year anniversary of 9/11. Everyone remembers where they were on that day and the images that were shown over and over again.

Many bloggers have have written about 9/11 today from a number of different perspectives - from American foreign policy to Seth Godin's analysis of how to change the American communications strategy for the better.

One of the topics that hasn't been covered as much (except on Copyranter) is the issue of companies and agencies using 9/11 imagery in their executions.

This image is from a French an organization called Defi Pour La Terre.

The organization, in English, is called "Challenge for the Earth" and the lower caption of their execution reads: "For Nature, Everyday is 9/11."

According to Copyranter, in 2005 MTV launched a TV campaign that used imagery of the Twin Towers burning down to promote their social awareness agenda. Stills of the TV spot (and some alterations) have been posted below.

The TV spot was said to have only aired once before the US Government had it pulled (not sure if this fact is true but PJC and I cannot remember ever seeing or hearing about this campaign).

Despite the specifics around each of these campaigns, the fact remains that they have leveraged tragic visuals in an attempt to strengthen their own campaigns.

Do these executions help to drive forward issues such as poverty, environment and HIV? Or do they simply shock the viewer into looking at the execution (most likely wondering how / why a brand would want to use images like this to promote their own goals)?

Using images from a tragic event (however iconic) with the hopes to tie them back to your campaign is simply a horrible idea. That, coupled with the copy on the MTV executions, downplays the tragedy of 9/11 based on the number of people who were killed in relation to other social issues. (2,863 vs. 824 million, for example)

Iconic and captivating advertising is something that all agencies strive to do (we think). But using a polarizing and emotional charged event like 9/11 is just plain wrong.

To some, executions like this are provocative. To others, appalling. You may feel differently about these executions and we'd love to get a lively discussion going around your thoughts.

Please feel free to post .

Save The Text Save The Word

Adrants had an interesting post today about a new viral effort going on in Italy. The basic premise of the execution all starts with a short video posted on YouTube:

The narrator (or H725 from the year 2059) claims that in the near future, all references of letters, texts and words will disappear altogether with the emergence of a new technology called

The video uses an interesting method to show us what can do - essentially transform any space into a full motion video and audio message. Why use the written word when you can shape your communications in hi-definition video and remarkable audio.

It seems that this viral is a tease to a yet-to-be-released product. H725 also has a blog that helps to continue the "Save The Text/Word" cause. Highlighting different techniques to ensure that we remember how to use texts (through sign language) and other methods.

Overall, it's hard to evaluate this creative approach on the merits of entertainment (or the campaign objectives). At first glance, it showcases a new technology that is alledgedly revolutionary - potentially a new screen or retail application. The work is strange and convoluted, however the emergence of a blog that continues the dialog (and mystery) will only help to stimulate this viral method.

Hopefully this product pays off the amount of work that has been done from this tease. We will keep you posted when we find out what it is!

Ad Quote of the Day

"I welcome and seek your ideas, but do not bring me small ideas; bring me big ideas to match our future."
Arnold Schwarzenegger

The New Celebrity - INTERNET PEOPLE

The internet has provided everyone in the world with a stage to catapult themselves into a new class of celebrity. This video encapsulates that world.

Andy Warhol being a man of incredible genius is proving to have been a man wise beyond his years. A few quotes of his below really make sense after watching the video and considering its content.

In the future everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Andy Warhol

An artist is someone who produces things that people don't need to have but that he - for some reason - thinks it would be a good idea to give them. Andy Warhol

Thank you to these "artists" who produced viral videos, danced like fools, made a mess, fell over, rapped about George Washignton and brought countless smiles, laughs and email forwards into my life.

Internet People I salute you. Dan Meth & Micah Frank I thank you.


Create NASA's New Slogan

Wired has a great contest going on right now to help NASA come up with their new slogan. The current slogan - "Explore, Discover, Understand" - is going to be replaced over the next couple of weeks. NASA's proposed new slogan?

"NASA explores for answers that power our future"

Could we do better? Probably. Some of my current favorites include:

"NASA: Actually this *IS* rocket science"

"NASA: Tonight, We dine, In SPACE"

and current number one: "NASA: All your space are belong to U.S."

Stay tuned for the winner.

One Giant Waste of Money

I would love to know what Gillette paid to have Tiger, Federer and Thierry Henry appear in the same ad. This spot is crap.

Ad Quote of the day

"If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants."
- David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising, 1985, New York: Vintage Books, p. 47.

WTF of the Week

Not ad related but here regardless. A new addition to the blog because this video just has to be seen. WTF is going on here. I am not going to lie, I jumped.

Drop back to check out WTF next week.

Stolen Car - Farmers Insurance

Easily the best spot from the best insurance campaign in-market. Not a new insight; however the execution is phenomenal and fresh.

Directed by Noam Murro who also directed one of my top 20 favourite spots of all time.

Glenn - Starbucks

Campaign For Real Beauty Needs Wannabe Actresses

The Dove campaign for real beauty has announced a very ambitious plan to create a play based on the campaign concept.

Dove and O&M who were big winners at this year's Cannes Advertising Festival is thinking outside the (television) box - morphing Dove's campaign to change perceptions of beauty and aging into a stage play.

This is a big gamble for Dove and their agency; however I think that Toronto is the right market to test this idea. In my opinion Toronto is a city that is open to new ideas, embraces art and I think the entire advertising industry here will support this initiative as we all hope to move the needle and create "big ideas" with our own clients/brands. Clients like Dove that are willing to take a risk and try something new will hopefully see the benefits of putting trust in a unique idea; but more importantly will push all advertisers to demand exciting communications and unique ideas from their agencies of record.

Next April, the as-yet-unnamed play will debut at Toronto's Young Centre for the Performing Arts. On stage will be a dozen "real" women, with nary a model or professional actress among them. The unorthodox cast will speak lines now being worked on by renowned Canadian playwright Judith Thompson - all to further the philosophy behind the pro-age line, which launched in Canada this spring.

The idea of doing a play was conceived by Unilever's international AOR, Ogilvy & Mather. Toronto-based agency Capital C created a website to provide ongoing updates on the progress of the play and - in a brilliant viral touch - to house an online "Dear Body Audition Kit" (created by Ogilvy). The virtual kit contains everything women across the country need to gather friends, share their feelings on beauty and aging and even compose their own audition letters. These submissions will be posted on the site to showcase the views Canadian women have about their bodies.


Leave Nothing

During the NFL today, Nike aired their new spot for their fall "Leave Nothing" campaign. The spot is directed by renowned director Michael Mann (Heat, Collateral) and is, in my opinion, one of the greatest TV spots of the year. The song "Celtic Violin" is (fittingly) from the movie "Last of the Mohicans" and works wonders for the excellent cinematography.

Highly emotive, inspirational and classic, it almost made me run out to Nike to buy new shoes, shorts and shirts. That, combined with the start of the NFL today, makes this the perfect time for a great spot.

Fantastic work by Mann, Weiden+Kennedy and Nike.

Tidy Up...

Love this spot from Ikea.