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I came across this site today while I was trying to figure out how my buddy got on the cover of National Geographic. allows you to upload any picture onto a magazine cover then post it to myspace, facebook, friendster and others. I opted to not add an app to my facebook and I just saved the picture.


Happy Holiday's!

For those of you who have checked the blog a few times in December, you'll have noticed that the posts have been a bit down. No excuses, however it's been a crazy Holiday season for us so we've been neglectful of our favorite past time.

That being said, Adjoke is making a few New Year's resolutions. First off, we're going to revamp the blog (new HTML, design, navigation) to make surfing easier and better. Second, we're going to do our best to post as much cool (and horrible) stuff as possible.

For now, we hope that you all enjoy the holiday and look forward to writing many more posts in 2008.

From the staff writers at Adjoke -

Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays if you don't celebrate this day. Keep visiting in 2008 and look for great things in 2008 from AdJoke.

My New Years resolution is a re-design of adjoke, and much much more.

Cheers and Happy New Year!