Oh the irony

Want to go to the 'cutting edge of tech innovation?' Head to CES. Here's something interesting though. Among the LG's, Samsung's, RIM's and Motorola's, you'll find the gaming section. And in the gaming section, you'll find this:

That's right. A gaming chair. Also known as a 'stay single' chair. Functions include:
  • 2 CD racks (seriously?)
  • 2 can holders (for your pops most likely as 12 year olds can rarely find someone to buy beer)
  • Guitar Hero Guitar Strap on the back
  • Game pouch
  • Various pouches to store additional items (HDMI cables, why not?! Drumsticks? Of Course?!)

CES has thousands of people walk though it. You play with every gadget imaginable. Things that haven't hit the market and won't for months. But any vendor can get into CES - even ones who sew pockets to an Ikea chair and fill them with XBox games. Amazing.