Diesel is SFW (Sort Of)

I've got to say that when I read the Contagious article about the new Diesel campaign, I was skeptical. Until I watched the video (posted below).

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

The Viral Factory, an agency in the UK and US responsible for other viral campaigns for Axe and other large brands, is responsible for this Diesel work. I think the quote from the creative director sums up what this video is all about (other than raising awareness for a series of Diesel parties):

‘When Diesel asked us to make a viral invitation to a global event they were calling Dirty Thirty XXX we were forced to abandon our normally high-brow approach to the medium and explore unaccustomed areas of infantile sordidness. Three weeks later we emerged from under an enormous pile of 80’s porn with a film we will never be able to show our mothers but which suggests a party which everyone will want to go to.’

What we got was a hilarious, 2 minute video that is certainly worthy of the "pass onto a friend" pillar of viral video. I don't know how many people are actually going to go to the party, but the objective of raising awareness and having people talk about your brand has certainly been met.

Even though the brand seems a bit - well - scummy.


LG and You "Tell the World"

LG Canada, one of the top partners of Toronto's Fashion Week, has just launched a pretty cool promotion on YouTube. As the lead sponsor, they are hosting a large party (featuring industry icons, a performance by Maroon 5, etc) near the end of the week and have a number of passes to give away to the event.

Rather than run a typical run-in-the mill promo, LG did something pretty cool. They held an open casting call for models around Toronto to come in and walk the runway. Every person who attended the casting session had a 30 second clip of their walk uploaded and posted on YouTube.

On October 17th, the most viewed people will win exclusive passes to LG's party and get to attend Fashion week - a dream for many aspiring models. The collection of videos has just been posted to the LG YouTube page and some of them are friggin hilarious. I love how the event got a mix of amature models as well as just random people.

The promotion plays of a powerful insight - that people can amplify their desires, interests and feelings through the web (and that models are desperate enough to do anything - especially spam their friends with emails telling them to watch their walk...everyday)

My vote for the overall winner is - by far - this guy:

I'm pumped for the mashup version of this walk (coming soon..I hope) and think that this promo is worthy of some press. With just under 100 videos, it will be interesting to see the number of views that this promo drives.


The mashup..


Don't Vote

Check out this new PSA from a bunch of famous, American celebs. It's quite the assortment of people (including the not-very-funny Sarah Silverman) and I was surprised at how long it actually is (over 4 minutes).

Worth watching though. Considering that more American's vote for American Idol than the President, I hope that this campaign dramatically raises votes in the Country this November.


off to NYC i go

So I am extremely excited about leaving to New York tomorrow. I am driving to Buffalo and taking a $50 train. I will let you know how it goes but at this point I honestly can't imagine a better way to travel... a return trip to NY for less than $120.

Regardless, lets get to the point. It is my first trip to New York and my list of things to do has run to about 35 days over my trips length so I will have to compromise. BUT one thing that will be a huge goal of mine will be to absorb the advertising culture, grab every flyer, take pictures of every 10 story billboard and visit the meccas of retail. Times Square Apple store, FOA Schwartz, Tiffany & Co ( yes I am going with my girlfriend), Niketown NYC and any of your suggestions.

I am staying at 8th & 42nd (basically at times square) so I am in prime location for satisfying my ad-fetish. Look for many advertising ego satisfying pictures like these next week.


Project 10 to the 100 - Google

Do you have an idea that will help the world? If you do Google wants to hear about it.

From the site:

The question is: What would help? And help most?

"At Google, we don't believe we have the answers, but we do believe the answers are out there. Maybe in a lab, or a company, or a university -- but maybe not.

Maybe the answer that helps somebody is in your head, in something you've observed, some notion that you've been fiddling with, some small connection you've noticed, some old thing you have seen with new eyes.

If you have an idea that you believe would help somebody, we want to hear about it. We're looking for ideas that help as many people as possible, in any way, and we're committing the funding to launch them. You can submit your ideas and help vote on ideas from others. Final idea selections will be made by an advisory board."

This is type of projects that corporations should be getting involved in.

A couple facts....

In 1984 3 channels reached 80% of the population. Today, 150 channels are required.
- Chicago Tribune, 22 August 2004.

Commercial radio debuts 88 years ago today (Sept. 29, 1920).
- Wired.


Back in the day...

Yup...this exists. Brutal.


From copyranter.
Wonder how long after the magazine went to press that the editor figured out this little layout mistake. Ouch.

Bold Act

Whether you think this is simply a PR spin or a way for an agency to regain confidence after losing a major client, I think that the act of resigning a client is something that shows the backbone of what an agency stands for.

Starbucks and W+K have been together for a long time. They've been through the good times (the launch of the brand, the rise in sales and store openings) and now the bad (the decline in the American economy resulting in hundreds of store closures, the lack of client focus - have you seen all the new CD releases at the counter? - and the general panic that comes to marketers when their brand is losing strength).

Although the full details will never be released, my guess is that things weren't just getting tough, they were getting downright awful. Agency people left for better things, the marketers might have considered briefing multiple groups on the same project, executions were getting criticized because they weren't driving short-term objectives...who knows.

But the decision for W+K to leave them is a bold one. It says that the culture of an agency is more important than a client. That the quality of the work is more vital than hitting the revenue number of the month.

It takes guts to do that - to have the confidence that your shop will continue to thrive, that it will find new business and that it will make up for the lost revenue over the last year.

It would have been easy for W+K to pander to their client. To spend "a bit more time" hoping that things got better. But sometimes you know the decision that has to be made. And usually, it's only the client who has the guts to pull the trigger.