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Some More Vintage Ads...

Nothing like some old school ads. If only we could do something "fun" like this today. I like the last one. I'd love to go to the "Tap Worm" client to do a creative presentation.

Some more here.

Ten Sites to Watch

One of the top social media sites on the web, Mashable, provided a great overview of TWS2008; a conference organized by Israli blog The objective of the conference is to identify the 10 best web start ups over the last year.

You can check out the 10 winners here, however I wanted to highlight two that stood out among the pack (for me at least):

Nuconomy Insights: What type of metrics are there beyond the click? Don't you want to know exactly how users are engaging with your site instead of how many are just getting there? With Nuconomy you can. Although it's still in Beta, the site allows you to track individual user actions within your site and flags you to when their behavior changes. All I want to know is where people click and how they navigate through our sites. It's one thing to know how many get there, quite another to visually understand how they navigate and consume site content.

HiveSight: Ever wondered what your targets online behavior actually is? Sure, we know everyone is on Facebook and MySpace but what are they actually talk to their friends about? What interests have the listed and what are they talking about right now? HiveSite uses a new algorithm that scales social media sites and blogs to understand what people are doing and then constructs a detailed profile of them. Try it out. It's simple and easy.

Other top sites include a system that allows users to incorporate flash into their sites easily, a developers dream to mobile app creation and WikiAnswers - the place to ask a question and have the collective provide a response.

Check them out.


I'm Voting Republican

This video, posted to YouTube a few weeks ago, has picked up a ton of steam. It's nice to see that the American political system is getting some play on the most popular video site in the world.

5 Million? Seriously?

The new Volkswagen commercial. Although Gisele is a big draw...was it worth the helicopters, explosions and washed up action star?