UNICEF Best Photo of 2007

Every year, UNICEF awards one photographer the distinction of "Photo of the Year."

The objective of the award is to shed light on human suffering and issues that can no longer be ignored.

This year, American Stephanie Sinclair won for this photo of a 40 year-old Afgan man marrying an 11 year-old child.

Quite the image.

Found on Three Minds.

New - The Poll

We've decided to add (for a short period) a poll to AdJoke. Each week (or so), we will post a new question that we would love to get your input on - it will help us get new ideas for what to post and what people like - and dislike.

Take a peek when you have a moment and please let us know if you have any questions that you'd like our audience to help answer.


The Power of Viagra

I don't really have anything to say about speaks for itself.

People Like Us

Think.Mtv has launched a new campaign about the Holocaust. The campaign attempts to create relevance for the viewer by showing them that the event occured to "people just like us."

The two spots, posted below, are jarring and I like how they treat the final frame as an old photograph - they've added a current backstory to a historic image in order to create impact. The music and tone is a bit much, however the the message is a unique one.

As a viewer, I only really remember the Holocost through black and white photograph's, Shindler's List and other films and family stories. These spots help to strengthen the awareness message an dit will be interesting to see if they generate any controversy / WOM during the campaign.


"Family Room"


The HP Movie MashUp

Found this ad on the web today.

It's a mash up promoting the new movie "Jumper". Hayden Christensen stars in the movie and it seems to be about someone who is able to leap through time to different places. Some interesting effects to say the least (and that girl from the OC is in it so it HAS to be good).

This 90 second spot was created by the folks from Jumper and it highlights the premise of the movie by having Hayden literally "Jump" through the Serena Williams HP spot. We've written about some cool mash-ups before but never when they have been done by a large studio and a huge brand.

Although it isn't the most entertaining spot in the world, it is pretty unique and it seems like corporate mash-ups are inevitable from here on out.


Become Legendary. It's not about the shoes...

As promised here is the first spot for the campaign... it reminds me of a line from the Lebron James commercial but reverse...."It's not about you, it's about the shoes"...was it intentional?