Mini Cooper AR Ad. Best Print Ad of 2008.

This is the coolest print ad of 2008. If you disagree I will fight you.

MINI has used augmented reality (AR) technology to create a truly interactive media piece out of a 2-dimensional magazine ad.

Using AR tracking technology, as you hold the ad up to your computer’s webcam, you’ll see a 3-D model of a MINI Cabrio convertible that moves as you turn the sheet of paper around. SWEET SHIT.

[not me in the pic]

All you need is a copy of the ad, a webcam, and a web browser (sorry, Internet Explorer/ActiveX only) to view the 3-D AR effect.

The ad appeared recently in three German automotive magazines: Auto, Motor und Sport, Werben & Verkaufen and Autobilde.

Interested to see how it works?
Print out a PDF of the ad and head on over to the MINI augmented reality web site to have a look. Trust me it is really cool.

The race to be #2 is on......

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Facebook Connect: Implications

Found a great presentation from Razorfish about the future of portable social graphs and the data use implications for brand sites. Facebook Connect is starting to become more common across sites in the web and I think that the applications of it could be fascinating. Don't know what I'm talking about?

Check out the presentation here:


Fear causes conservative thinking

An interesting presentation about inspiring play, to inspire ideas.

Does your company inspire play? If so how? Does it help with idea creation? Or do you find your ideas become the best when you hide away from each other and return with your thoughts?


Digital is the aim

From the London Telegraph...

It is the aim of Publicis to make 25pc of revenue from online advertising by 2010. The group has also been working secretly with Google on advertising strategy, with a an update due in January.

"It has to do with better targeted advertising, making it more sophisticated," he says. "We will advertise to people through their habits. Analytics and targeting online will be key in the future." There was scepticism when the Google deal was first announced, as observers saw Publicis sleeping with the enemy that threatens traditional revenues.

I am interested to see what the "update due in January" is? What do you think the update will be. Will Publicis be offering clients access to Google Ad Labs, or Media Labs products? Or will reduced fees be offered for testing and case studies?

See the full article here.

AKQA Happy Holiday's

Some agencies spend a lot of time creating Holiday greetings that can't be ignored. What I like about this one is that it's a simple video, cool idea and great execution. Found on Adverblog, I'm sure this is going to be one of many Agency Holiday "ideas" over the next couple of weeks.

Why would an agency spend time, money and resources against something like this? It doesn't have anything tied to it. It's not for a client. And it's using creative time when they could be focused on something else.

That being said, it says something when you can create a video that goes viral just for the sake of spreading some Holiday cheer. And I'm sure the long-term return of this for the agency will have massive (revenue) benefits.


Time Magazines favourite TV ads of 2008


I forgot that I wanted to post this spot. Recently voted Time Magazines favourite TV ad of 2008. Well done Publicis Seattle.

#2 FedEx - Horror

#3 Nike - Fate

#4 Microsoft - Im a PC

#5 AT&T - Scorsese

#6 Old Spice - TV Doctor

#7 Visa - Dead last

#8 Obama - Infomercial

#9 Gutar Hero - Dream Band

#10 You will only know if you click

Are you as surprised as me with a few selections. Time seems to have a hard-on for celebrities in TV spots.

AdJoke will be sharing plenty of our own "The best and worst of 2008" lists between now and New Years.

Designing Obama's Logo

Part I

Part II

The adaptability of the logo amazes me.

"WE WANT VIRAL!" screams Pizza Hut

Another client screams for viral video and guess what, agencies happily oblidge. This new video from Pizza Hut did get 100,000 views in just over a weekend, however I've got to say that the positioning doesn't really work for me:

"Pizza Hut is so good we want to throw it in the face of small town Pizza shops all around the US. Who cares about the recession! Go corporate or die!"

Wouldn't this execution have been way better if the guy went into a Papa John's or Domino's? I mean, why the hell would you have gone into a mom and pop shop to have done something like this?

I don't know about you, but I bet the original concept was about 100x stronger than the execution.


WTF of the week - Remi Kart

I hope the running from the cops part is real.