PSA - Fireworks are dangerous

The dutch government says "Fireworks are dangerous". Story told with the help of the Liberation Army against Freedom. 500,000 views in one week.

Ty - I bet you 10 bucks we have a visit from the a US govenrment entities domain within 10 hours.


Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the blogosphere.

Who is this guy? The man credited with inventing the term "web log" - Jorn Barnger.

Barnger's blog, entitled Robot Wisdom, started a wave of blogs nearly a decade later - over 90 million at last Technorati count.

Virgin Goes Viral...Well Not Really

Check out this new video from Virgin - created by Zig in Toronto.

Viral video's are probably number 1 on a clients list this season. Why? Because if they take off they can amass millions of views for a relatively low cost. The key part of that sentence is if.

Although it doesn't look like Virgin spent much on this video (the dancers, cheap filming and music - maybe $100K?), it seems like they're trying to be random for the sake of being random.

Branded music videos always remind me of the Smirnoff Tea Party, but this one seems to be random with no real purpose.

Will it take off? Maybe. But they key question for anything to go viral seems to be, would you send this to your friends?

I won't - but I did blog it so who knows...


What to do with imported Oranges?

Orange Diaries is a website featuring hilarious crafts and ridiculous uses of imported oranges such as Orange muffs, pencil holder, knee pads and more.

Set-up by Florida's Natural the site tells you what to do with imported oranges because the obviously aren't edible. Heck, unless they are Florida Oranges they aren't even considered to be in the Orange family.

Thank you to Kristen who found Adjoke on Facebook for sending through this campaign.

If you have any campaigns or posts to share; join the Adjoke facebook group on post on the wall or send us a message.

See More Videos on OrangeDiaries.com!

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