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I came across this site today while I was trying to figure out how my buddy got on the cover of National Geographic. allows you to upload any picture onto a magazine cover then post it to myspace, facebook, friendster and others. I opted to not add an app to my facebook and I just saved the picture.


Happy Holiday's!

For those of you who have checked the blog a few times in December, you'll have noticed that the posts have been a bit down. No excuses, however it's been a crazy Holiday season for us so we've been neglectful of our favorite past time.

That being said, Adjoke is making a few New Year's resolutions. First off, we're going to revamp the blog (new HTML, design, navigation) to make surfing easier and better. Second, we're going to do our best to post as much cool (and horrible) stuff as possible.

For now, we hope that you all enjoy the holiday and look forward to writing many more posts in 2008.

From the staff writers at Adjoke -

Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays if you don't celebrate this day. Keep visiting in 2008 and look for great things in 2008 from AdJoke.

My New Years resolution is a re-design of adjoke, and much much more.

Cheers and Happy New Year!


PSA - Fireworks are dangerous

The dutch government says "Fireworks are dangerous". Story told with the help of the Liberation Army against Freedom. 500,000 views in one week.

Ty - I bet you 10 bucks we have a visit from the a US govenrment entities domain within 10 hours.


Happy Birthday!

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the blogosphere.

Who is this guy? The man credited with inventing the term "web log" - Jorn Barnger.

Barnger's blog, entitled Robot Wisdom, started a wave of blogs nearly a decade later - over 90 million at last Technorati count.

Virgin Goes Viral...Well Not Really

Check out this new video from Virgin - created by Zig in Toronto.

Viral video's are probably number 1 on a clients list this season. Why? Because if they take off they can amass millions of views for a relatively low cost. The key part of that sentence is if.

Although it doesn't look like Virgin spent much on this video (the dancers, cheap filming and music - maybe $100K?), it seems like they're trying to be random for the sake of being random.

Branded music videos always remind me of the Smirnoff Tea Party, but this one seems to be random with no real purpose.

Will it take off? Maybe. But they key question for anything to go viral seems to be, would you send this to your friends?

I won't - but I did blog it so who knows...


What to do with imported Oranges?

Orange Diaries is a website featuring hilarious crafts and ridiculous uses of imported oranges such as Orange muffs, pencil holder, knee pads and more.

Set-up by Florida's Natural the site tells you what to do with imported oranges because the obviously aren't edible. Heck, unless they are Florida Oranges they aren't even considered to be in the Orange family.

Thank you to Kristen who found Adjoke on Facebook for sending through this campaign.

If you have any campaigns or posts to share; join the Adjoke facebook group on post on the wall or send us a message.

See More Videos on!

He sees you when you are in sleep mode - Mac vs. PC


Whopper Freak Out!

The whopper has been discontinued.

The testimonial has been flipped on its head.

The whopper is proven to be the king of Burger King.

Check out this fantastic work from CP+B.

I love it when the replace the whopper with Wendy's & McDonalds burgers.


Paris owns this pose -Click picture to play

I find this to be quite entertaining. People always say "What is Paris famous for"...maybe this pose is her brand.
Click Picture To Play!


Santa in all of us

Coke spot from Ogilvy, Buenos Aires.

This is an excellent continuation of the "Coke Side of Life" campaign.

Build it for the media

Don't capitalize on the media.

What we care about

Found here.


Loyalty Beyond Reason

Apple is a powerful brand. Everybody knows that.

From the coolest phones to the latest laptops, they continue to make uncreative people feel creative through their sleek products and designs.

The popularity of Apple has spawned a number of companies that build customized products for Apple users - think carrying cases for your iPod or a giant speaker system.

Apple doesn't build these add-ons but they certainly like them. They give their users options and help reinforce how cool their products are.

That brings us to the iBlade. A high quality razor with a titanium body, 24hr rechargable battery and a 2 GB memory card.

Does this actually exist? Who knows. But it's fun to imagine what other Apple add ons people might have in store.

Yes - Nerds Still Exist

Great screen grab from Digg a few days ago.

Think it's hard to get one of your stories on the front page?

Just title it "12 clips of topless greased up women playing Wii" and you're guaranteed at least three thousand Diggs.

Leveraging an Insight


Advergirl's Four Rules for Career Success

Advergirl is a great little blog about advertising. The writer, a true account person, has a ton of fun posts ranging from working with various parts of the industry to neat campaigns.

One of her latest posts outlines four simple rules for success in the industry. To quote:

  • Never be silent in a meeting. You're there for a reason. Participate. Add value. Take notes.
  • Always build trust. Demonstrate that you understand the business - the entire business, not just your department - and your boss's painpoints. Take actions that show you're a responsive steward of the business, the brand and your boss's sanity.
  • Keep generating ideas. New ideas. Fresh perspectives. Not just words/pictures/projects/research or whatever the details of your job description mandate.
  • Learn to read a room. Nothing will get you farther in business than empathy. Stop talking when eyes glaze. Offer solutions when brows crease. Pay attention to all the nonverbal feedback coming your way and act on it.

Don't just get through your day-to-day. Be a part of it.

Make The Most Of Now

Really enjoy this new spot from Vodafone. You don't see many 90 second spots these days, but this one does a good job keeping the viewers interest.

The ending has a nice payoff and attempts to answer the "why do I need internet on my mobile?" question in a meaningful way.

Use those bits of time wisely.

European Windows Error

It seems like these Window's error messages are spreading...this one's from London....
Thanks to Jen for the pics!


Stumble Upon It - The Return of Surfing

When was the last time you surfed the web, looking for something new?

These days, it seems that when you go on the web you already know (in general) what you're looking for.

Just go to Google, type it in and in less then a few seconds, you've got about a billion responses.

But what do you do if you want to find new pages on the web at random? What if you want to really surf the web?

Join Stumble Upon.

Stumble Upon is a site that asks you to tell it what you like. From humor to technology, art to science, set the parameters and then start surfing.

The site gives you pages, based on your interests, and asks you whether you like the page or not. If you like it, the algorithm adjusts itself to show you more pages within that category and if you don't, pages that are similar are removed.

After about a week, I've stumbled upon some great sites. It's easy to register and great to get going.

Discover something new on the web - even when you're not searching for it.

Share Everything

With the holiday's just around the corner, we wanted to share the perfect gift with you;

The TwoDaLoo toilet.

Nothing says love like a washroom with two toilets right beside each other.

You can even get a LCD TV screen and an iPod dock installed in your unit.

For only $1400US, it's the perfect gift.

Link from Gizmodo


Largest Window's Error Ever?

Live from Times Square!
"We're sorry, but something is wrong with your Window's system."
The costs associated with this space are probably, well, astronomical. Thanks for the error message!


Don't you just love old school ads?

Look at how awkward Mr.T actually looks? Same with the lady (whose name is Nancy...)

I wonder what she really wants...

Thanks to Steve for the Pic!

A Good Laugh

Even though this video isn't in English, it always makes me laugh.

The story is this:

A man is on a talk show being interviewed with his mother. Due to an accident (I don't know the details), the man had to have both of his testicles removed. The interviewer has trouble - well - keeping himself together.

Contextual Ads Strike Again

Another example of a contextual ad gone wrong.

Nice work, Verizon. Good to be a part of this article.

Link from Copyranter.

World AIDS Day

Nice spot. Can get a bit repetitive but hey, that's the point.


WARNING: This Is On Regular TV

OK. I'll admit it. The first time I saw this spot I was shocked and scared.

That, and the fact that I was watching reruns of The Hills - not the type of thing you want to see after watching a dreary (but juicy) "reality" show.

The campaign is called "Prevent It" and is Canadian.

While I'm all for preventing accidents in the work place, shocking (and horrifying) advertising makes me jump more than change.

My guess is the insight behind the campaign was to jar workers out of the dangers they face everyday; dramatize a seemingly harmless job (restaurant cook) and show what can happen when things go wrong.

Does this resonate or simply shock?

Yes - We Are Still Alive

Remember that time when we didn't post for a week? Let's hope this doesn't happen again. We could write a huge post about how busy we are, how it's pitch season and a number of campaigns are heating up - but really - who cares?

For the time being, consider this our apology for the lack of posting.

Please come back. Seriously.

While you're debating, check out this spot from Sprite. Sprite has created some nice, funny content worth passing on before, but this is pretty neat.


Politics Can Be Fun

Hilarious campaign from long-shot US Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Although he doesn't have much of a shot, it's nice to see politicians who are willing to have a little fun during the campaign period.


Keep These In Mind

Stumbled upon some great facts from a comprehensive eye tracking study.

If you're in advertising or marketing, take a quick read. Well worth it.

(from Godin's blog):

- Ads in the top and left portions of a page will receive the most eye fixation.
- Ads placed next to the best content are seen more often.
- Bigger images get more attention.
- Clean, clear faces in images attract more eye fixation.
- Fancy formatting and fonts are ignored.
- Formatting can draw attention.
- Headings draw the eye.
- Initial eye movement focuses on the upper left corner of the page.
- Large blocks of text are avoided.
- Lists hold reader attention longer.
- Navigation tools work better when placed at the top of the page.
- One-column formats perform better in eye-fixation than multi-column formats.
- People generally scan lower portions of the page.
- Readers ignore banners.
- Shorter paragraphs perform better than long ones.
- Show numbers as numerals.
- Text ads were viewed mostly intently of all types tested.
- Text attracts attention before graphics.
- Type size influences viewing behavior.
- Users initially look at the top left and upper portion of the page before moving down and to the right.
- Users only look at a sub headline if it interests them.
- Users spend a lot of time looking at buttons and menus.
- White space is good.


Book Review: Small is the new big

If you're in the market for a fun read, I'd recommend picking up Small is the new big by famed blogger and marketing expert, Seth Godin.

The book isn't your standard advertising / marketing text book. It's 183 ideas and thoughts that Godin has put together over the last 10 years.

It is meant to inspire, spark and get something going in your organization, work life and mind. And it's all about ideas.

Next time your in a book store, check it out. It's worth it because, like most of Godin's thoughts, it's different.

Best Apple Ad Ever?

Apple has done some fantastic advertising over the last 20 years.

From 1984 to the emergence of the iPod TV spots, there are few brands in the world that can claim the kind of consumer loyalty that Apple has.

But in the changing digital world, Apple has to find ways to stay unique and innovative. It's not enough to simply re-purpose their Mac TV campaign and create boring online banners with super-low click-through rates - you have to be different to get someone's attention.

This online execution, using their Mac and PC guys, leverages the power of the web in a simple, yet fun way. That, and it can be found on the CNETS Window's Vista homepage.

If you've ever wanted to see some good, online advertising - click here and check it out.

Facts You've Never Heard Of

Found an article on Digg tonight about 35 facts you've never heard of.

Some highlights:

- There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar

- On a Canadian two dollar bill, the flag flying over the Parliament building is American

- Winston Churchill was born in the ladies room during a dance

- It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open

- The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes

What Men Want?

Although this spot isn't in English, it certainly represents what all American beer brands aspire too - the ultimate showcase of male dominance (by drinking their brand of course).

Not a huge fan, but quite the idea.

When Inspiration Strikes

We've all been in this situation before - the need to write down a seemingly groundbreaking idea immediately before it passes.

But wait? Where do you write it in a crowded bar or restaurant?

The napkin of course.

Using this "logic" Euro RSCG has created the Napkin Notebook - a bound notebook made solely of napkins.

Advertising can be hard when your horrible. But hopefully good advertising will kill this product.

From Adrants


XBox; Play

The first few times I saw this campaign, I didn't really enjoy it. It seemed to random, all over the place and just off.

But after seeing it more and more, it's hit me. I love the song (surprisingly it's "Don't Need Nothing but a Good Time" by Poison) and the upbeat tone and manner of the spot.

XBox already has the hardcore gamer market with games like Halo 2 and 3. Their new campaign focuses on the casual gamer who wants to have fun with friends and just play.

With the emergence of the Nintendo Wii as the next top gaming device, it's not surprising that XBox would go after a more casual target.

This campaign does a great job setting up the device in public places and allowing anyone to test out the device. The reactions of the crowd, hesitant but then exited to pick up the controller, are spot on - very indicative of someone like myself who just wants to try it out and see what it's like.


Social Networks and Email - ComScore Stats

Some interesting stats on the most popular social networks and email services on the web. Neat to see the growth of Facebook but the overall user dominance of MySpace.

Link from Valleywag.

Google's Conquest

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of going to the CMA's with some guys from Google. As the night went on, we got to talking about the power of Search and I heard a phrase that I instantly fell in love with.

"Search is the database of Intentions"

Think about it. Search engines know what you like to buy, what books you read, what movies you want to see, where you want to travel - they know you. And they know you well.

Google's AdWords helps to ensure that brands answer the questions of their consumers. Looking for a new computer? We'll make sure that Apple comes up first. Stats have shown that the majority of people click on the first two options on their search results - lucrative space to be in.

The next evolution of Google (and by could be a few weeks away) will be to optimize search results to predict future outcomes.

For example, they are currently attempting to predict the opening box office success on movies by the number of times people search the title before opening weekend. And from what I've heard, the results can be quite accurate.

We will continue to post on the amazing world of Google but for now just remember what you search. Google certainly will.


Little Brat

Apoligies to everyone for the slow week - just slammed with real work. Promise more posts in the next few days or your money back.

Got passed a helluva ad today. Can't link within the site but be sure to check it out here. Guaranteed laugh.

UPDATE: Found 2 spots from the campaign. Great stuff.

Thanks to Jay for the link!


Orangina - Animal love Juices in a bottle

Sorry for the slow week. We have been busy.

Enjoy this cornucopia of animated orgasmic animal images brought to you by Orangina.

Found on Glossy.


Viva Viagra? Are you kidding me?

I found this beauty of a spot on American Copywriter, home of some of the best Podcasts in the industry. I was going to comment on it but AC said it best:

"Oh, I get it. Guys don't like to talk about erectile dysfunction so let's show them singing about it! Yeah, that'll take the stigma away.

Hands up, who thought this was a spoof? A spot like this makes it clear why a guy might be embarrassed to ask his doctor for Viagra. And it has nothing at all to do with erectile dysfunction. Drugs in this category must be worth big bucks. The first pharma brand that figures out a way to talk to men about them in a way that's not goofy or adolescent stands to truly dominate. "

This used to be the worst Viagra spot.

This is still the best.


Ad Quote of the Day

"The problem is that ad agencies have defined themselves as the people who take the mediocre products and add interesting ads to them, and washed their hands and say, we can’t do anything about what the factory brings us."

From Seth Godin.

Tampax Saves Woman From Shark

Tampax; protecting Women from sharks since 1957.

Seriously, does this ad really exist?

PJC speculated that it might be student spec work and I'd have to agree - I don't think this would ever see the market.

If it did, my guess is the poor brand manager at P&G who approved it is now looking for a new job.

From Copyranter.


Google Trends. Google is more popular than sex

Ben Shoemate was playing with Google Trends yesterday. See his post below:

With a few keystrokes you can satisfy your need for both useless trivia interesting facts and the data to back it up. Where else can you discover that basset hounds are more popular in Hungary, that Hillary Clinton is finally more popular than her husband, or that in spring of 2007, google became more popular than sex: Here are some more fasinating trends (at least to me).
People search for terms like “full moon” with the clockwork regularity of celestial events like, well, like full moons.The holidays also show a steady heartbeat in search.

I thought it was strange that “Earth day” would be more popular than Easter.But then i remembered two things. First people are still working on Earth day, so they are at their computers, and second, google skews the results with those cartoon logos they put on their main search page. When you click it, it searches for that term. So bottom line, this just means more people are using google on Earth day than Easter. It makes sense but also reminds us that we have to take these graphs with a grain of salt.

Other things that follow a pattern: American Idol, which is apparently very popular in the Philippines. IBM’s star is falling (its as popular now as summer is in the winter) and Lenovo’s is rising.

Point A in the graph is where Lenovo bought IBM’s PC business. One last graph, this one ties into both IBM and portals. Since I spent a lot of time helping clients get value from their portal investments, lets look at where the market interest lies.

This may be apples and oranges since Sharepoint is used for collaboration more than portals (and I’ve always felt it creates silos for information more than it tears them down, but thats the subject of a later blog.) Tell me about the interesting trends you discover in the comments.

Thanks for the great stuff Ben.

ING - I need to go

ING pushes the limits of the Banking industry with their latest campaign.

Drop by the site embedded below. Yes, it is for ING.

The Ultimate Proposal

Gamer site, Gamernode, has an interesting story about two lovestruck Halo gamers:

"A man by the gamertag of Moviesign proposed to his girlfriend, furtive penguin... through Halo 3. At least it wasn't a virtual wedding, right guys?

Moviesign did it through a saved Forge map, in which he tricked furtive penguin into thinking they were playing a two-on-two match.

He led her to an area where there was an "energy sword", but instead she was surprised with his proposal spelled out in weapons, and he asked her to be "his teammate for life."

Nothing like expressing your love through a message made up of virtual weapons.

Today We Remember...

..and pray never again.

Lest we forget.


Infinite Niches

During Chris Anderson's famous book, the Long Tail, he describes the true power that the web has given us; an easy ability to share and distribute our passions in order to connect with others.

What exactily is the Long Tail?

Anderson describes it as such: "Our culture and economy are increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of hits (mainstream products and markets) at the head of the demand curve, and moving toward a huge number of niches in the tail."

Anderson then identifies three 'forces' that drive the long tail (from DJ Alchemi review):

1. More stuff is being produced. Technology and the internet make it cheaper and easier to record and distribute your own songs, publish your own writings and so on. This lengthens the tail.
2. There is better access to niches, again thanks to the reach and economies on the net. This fattens the tail.
3. Search and recommendations connect supply and demand. This drives business from hits to niches.

It is these niches that help the millions of blogs and social networks flourish.

As a brand, the ability to tap into these niches and start meaningful conversations with individuals is a key pillar of success on the web. No longer will people listen to a message that's to broad - it has to be personal.

A neat example of a popular niche below.

The Power of a Signature

Great spot from Amnesty International. It's tough to combine all of the different (horrific) situations that Amnesty lobbies against into one spot but this execution does it perfectly.

Nice strategy, wicked creative.

Thanks to Jen for the link!

Wunderbra Viral Spoof

Remember the Cadbury Gorilla viral?

Well it looks like the people at Wunderbra put together a little spoof of the spot for the net. It's had over 100,000 hits on YouTube already and continues to grow.

If you can't think of any content worth creating, just copy something that's worked!

We like to think so

Mens Underwear sold by sexy women

So here is the brief. The client is looking for a way to sell underwear without showing half naked men - but they want the ad to remain visually appealing.

I think this is great. Ad number one is my favourite...yours?

OB - Very, Very Absorbant

This one must be for heavy days. What a ridiculous ad.


Ah, the good old days. Advertising was just so simple.

Put a few people on the beach, create a "catchy" jingle and throw around the old Frisbee. Just remember to add in a couple smiles and between the legs catches for good measure!

Link from Where's My Jetpack?

Guinness Tipping Point

Honda Cog you've got nothing on the Guinness tipping point. Ok maybe you have a slightly higher degree of difficulty, maybe you came first, maybe you were shot in one take with one camera and just maybe you were original; but this ad has fire and beer.

A Few "Old School" Ads

Back in the day when ads were sexist...

Can you actually imagine presenting work to clients with these headlines and images?

Thanks to Helder for the link!


Visual Thoughts

For more go here...then come back.

Creative Paper

This is just absolotely incredible. Posted on Adgoodness over a year ago I just came across it in an old archive of mine and wanted to share.
See the full collection of Peter Callesen here.

Just Plain Cool

This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall!


FireFox - How to surf at speeds unkown to you!

Don't worry; this loophole isn't too nerdy, too technical or too hard for the average person. Assuming you use Firefox for your browser, follow the simple steps detailed below and you will be surfing the web much faster than before.
  • Type "about:config" into the address bar and hit return
  • Scroll down and look for the following entries and alter appropriately

    • Set "network.http.pipelining" to "true"
    • Set "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true"
    • Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to a number like 30 -- Firefox will now make 30 requests at once whereas before it would only make one request at a time

  • Lastly right-click anywhere and select New -> Integer

    • Name it "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set its value to "0" (time the browser waits before it acts on information received)
Thank me and them later. Happy speed surfing.

PETA - Comfortable in your own skin

Well I am happy to say that PETA has listened to me. They have moved on from the world of naked celebrities.

Although I must say that couch does look pretty comfortable. Maybe even more comfortable than my own skin. If it is real leather than that means that PETA had to purchase a leather couch for this ad. Interesting?

Ad Quote of the Day - discussed

"No agency is better than its account executives."
~Morris Hite

I have read this quote on several occasions and sometimes I agree with it. Sometimes I don't.

To steal a quote from Colin Farrell in Miami Vice, our clients hire us "...for a result not for a service". Client services can only keep the client happy for so long; if the creative team is missing the mark on a consistent basis then the account executives can't save the account.

Vice Versa, if the creatives are amazing but the account team cannot create and foster a positive working relationship, or if the briefs are consistently weak then the creative teams ample abilities cannot alone make the agency great in the eyes of their clients.

For that reason I wish to propose the following revision. "No agency is better that its weakest member".

Microsoft Surface

This demo is a few months old but still very interesting when it comes to thinking about the future of technology.

Microsoft Surface is a touch screen application that can be applied to a number of different situations; from ordering food from a restaurant to looking at photos with friends.

What is interesting isn't just the simple way you can view a few photo's but also how it can automatically read your devices, credit cards and other information - processing it extremely quickly and seamlessly.

Just another reminder of how things are always changing and another new technology is just around the corner.

HTC to make first Android phone

I am pretty excited about the linux based android phones coming out in the near future. This will literally change the entire mobile marketing game. Applications and content will be interchangeable between devices. Meaning free exchange of files (music, video, etc) allowing for content to go viral at twice the speed it currently does.

Article from business week:

Taiwanese mobile-handset manufacturer HTC announced Tuesday that it will release its first Android-powered device into the European market in the second half of 2008.

Android, which comprises all the elements of mobile software, from operating system to applications, was announced by Google on Monday after months of speculation.

Following the European launch, HTC will produce more such devices, both under its own brand and under the brands of its operator partners.

Sources close to Google confirmed that HTC will be the first manufacturer to bring an Android handset to market.

Florian Seiche, HTC's European vice president, said that the company's goal was to provide a "broad portfolio" of devices targeting various segments of the market, from consumer to enterprise. Android devices, he said, would fall squarely into the relatively new consumer side of HTC's business, targeted this year with the Touch phone.

"The core nature of Android is the fact that the internet should be put right at the centre of your mobile experience," said Seiche. "It is fair to say that it will be very much focused on the growing part of the consumer market that is using mobile devices for much more than voice calls and text messages."

Full article on Business Week.

Another Absolut piece of crap

In an Absolut world men come in a box? Excuse my perverse sense of humour but I am pretty sure that already happens. Think about it.

Ty has already posted twice about how we feel this campaign is a slap in the face to the legacy that is Absolut's advertising history. Is a review imminent?

Found on Ads of the World.

Extremely Creative Execution - Literacy Foundation

Watch this brilliant spot from Blue Blanc Rouge for the Literacy Foundation. Two targets reached one execution.

I'm Loving It...

Yet another example of the risk's of online sponsorship.

Think McDonald's was planning on sponsoring Pete Doherty shooting up again? Doubt it.

At least the Legend lives on...

Changing the game

Copied word for word from Seth Godin's Blog:

Google announced an open interchange that allows users to take their social graph with them from one site to another. MySpace just joined in. This changes the rules for FaceBook, because now users have a choice of picking from dozens, soon to be hundreds of open sites... or just one closed one.

How can you change your game?

Consider the plight of Mike Huckabee and John Edwards. Both are making strong runs for the nominations of their parties, but both suffer because they're not seen as front runners. So why not change the game? Instead of waiting for a TV network to invite them to a debate, why not make your own TV show? Debate each other, in public, in Iowa. Broadcast the whole thing on YouTube. When you're done, challenge others in the opposite party to debate you, one on one. On your channel. What are they, chicken?

Consider the sandwich/burger shop/deli on a street crowded with choices. What to do? Why not get rid of all the meat and become a vegetarian/kosher sandwich/burger shop/deli? Now, it's five competitors and you. Anyone with a friend who eats carefully will bring her to your shop, the one and only one of its kind.

Usually, when you destroy the barriers in an existing industry, everyone loses... except you.

I completely agree with Seth's comments. It is the companies that flip their industry on its head that will stand-out.

WTF of the week - Doritos Tide

As the people on the beach collect free bags of Doritos I wonder how often this happens? If a container of ammonia fell off a boat we would definitely hear about it in the news. Where is Greenpeace on this one. With a big name like Doritos I would have thought they would have been all over this one.