Goat Tears cure all

Here is a brand that needs some serious help with packaging but not with advertising.

I love when she is showing the goat its Nana's grave. Hilarious.

Allan Gray shares the story of James Dean

I have always loved James Dean which is possibly why I enjoy this so much. The other reason is that it got me to pay attention to an investing ad AND I got the message.

I hope they continue with this strategy and tell other classic and compelling stories.


Impatience is a virtue: Samsung

Samsung is finally getting an attitude. They are a brand that hasn't really stood for anything and their advertising, especially out-of-home, has been horrible over the past few years.

Finally something from Samsung that makes me wish I owned something from Samsung.


What is a moment?

Beautiful stuff. Not a spot, no brands attached - just cool work.

Check out Adverblog's open letter to brands after watching this. Good stuff:


We're Back.

Now that TEDxTO has ended, the AdJoke writing is on. Here's a spot to keep you busy while we write a few posts. It's all over Canadian cinema right now and I've watched it in a few theatre's. The reactions have been mixed but whatever the case, this spot cannot be ignored:

What do you think?