The Best Viral Videos of 2008

Simply amazing. I love it. Just watch. This video just made my day.

Zuji Helps You Save...

I love when advertising goes beyond basic messages. The new travel site, Zuji, gives people ways to travel cheaply and take (much needed) holiday's. Rather than create an easily ignored campaign that focus on them being "the greatest resource in travel" or "the cheapest way to get away" propositions, they did something different.

They made beans.

Thousands of cans of beans.

And they sold them. For ten cents a can.

Zuji understood that people need to save money in order to even consider going on a vacation. You don't start searching without the financial comfort of knowing that you're actually going to be able to afford to go somewhere in the first place.

Zuji wanted to help people save money for their trips. So they created a common item cheaper than the rest and sold it in their stores.

This video has less than 2,500 views but I hope that it catches on (especially in our idea-driven industry). This isn't the first time we've seen a brand create a new product to help their overall perceptions, but it's a great example of thinking different and developing work that can't be missed.

Thanks to Adverblog for the link.


RBC goes cartoons, TD Bankorth goes....Puppets?

RBC worldwide has launched spots filled with globetrotting cartoon Dad's, Bowler hat bankers and more.

Not to be outdown by RBC, TD Banknorth has gone to paper-clipping puppets of Regis & Kelly, like the kind I made in Grade 4 to announce the merger of TD and Commerce.

Don't use cartoons or puppets to talk to me about my finances. My savings and investments are real and matter to me.

Then the puppets magically morphed into the real Regis & Kelly. Oh but wait, it is a campaign because they both include therapists.

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Before everyone jumps on me and says "What about the Blue Water project spot from RBC", I will say yes I like it. Its great, but the execution makes sense for the message.

Google Canada - What Do We Search?

A collegue of mine (who is a Doctor...not like a real one but a P.H.D) sent me this article about Google Searches in Canada. For the past few years, Google has released its Zeitgeist report (German for "Spirit of the Times") to help show current web trends and provide insights into what people are searching.

This is the first time they've included Canada and it's interesting to see what Canadians have been searching for the past year. The top search? "Facebook". At number 2 and 3 are "YouTube" and "Lyrics" respectively.

The article also provide a list of the most searched political parties in Canada (Green Party, Liberal, Conservative, NDP then Bloc) and the top celeberities (Britney Spears, Jessica Alba and Heath Ledger coming in the top spots).

Search is a critical component to developing effective communications plans and I think many marketers simply think of it as an afterthought. ("Great, now that we've got the TV spots nailed, let's buy some search words!") Some of the best books I've read this year (Click and Super Crunchers) are solely about using data (and search data) to create campaigns that resonate and stick.

Tools like Google Trends for Search are immensly helpful in understanding seasonal trends in search as well as understading how your target searching for something. There are fantastic, free tools out there that people just don't use when planning campaigns or thinking about their target.


Another bailout Joke

Found on Boing Boing

Think Your Going to get Fired?

No matter what industry you're in, you can't avoid the fact that the global economy is in a recession. You also can't help but imagine what 2009 is going to be like, what your clients are going to want (need) you to do, and - most importantly - if you'll have a job in twelve months.

Mashable's as put together a great top 10 list of things to do to help increase your personal brand in the workplace. One of my favorites:

"It’s really easy to brand yourself an innocent observer. The problem is that consumers aren’t sharing any value with the world, while producers are building value in themselves and getting their ideas noticed. Try and start a podcast series or write a blog about what you love. Something you’re really passionate about, whether it be work or play. People will begin to notice and be drawn to your brand. Being a producer is much more rewarding, and it causes your network to flourish, thus positioning your brand for career success."


The Agency Life

We had some good news today - won a major pitch that a lot of the agency has been working on over the past 4 months. It was tough, challenging, inspiring and worth it. And not necessarily because we won.

It's funny how pitches work. The thrill of working with a team for nights on end, building work that is free from restrictions and daily client feedback. Doing what you think is best and presenting it with confidence.

Then you wait. And wait. And hope.

Sometimes things work out. Other times, you just wonder what the other agency did that was so much better - especially when you thought you did everything that was possible.

Northern Planner wrote a great post about why losing feels so much worse than winning. I agree. To those pitching right now, good luck. To those that just got some bad news, here's to figuring out what to alter in the future.

More on Obama and Technology has posted an article in which they asked some "silicon valley thinkers" (whatever in the hell that means) what they learned from Obama's campaign. Not groundbreaking answers but worth a read.

I am excited to see what the worlds largest communication budget does now that technology and social media turns it on.

The very presidential looking is a great start, but will it continue?


Go Miniman Go!

Even though this site launched in August, it's sweet - especially for Lego nerds. Not only can you create your own Miniman, you can watch a ton of cool stop-motion Lego video's created by passionate lego people around the world.

I'm not sure about the metrics on this website, but it's simple to use and great for someone whose a lego nerd. Not that I was ever a lego nerd and loved going to Legoland...


Christmas = books. Need your help.

I celebrate Christmas, and every year my Christmas list usually contains a half dozen or so books.

This year my list has:
  1. The Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell
  2. Grown Up Digital - Don Tapscott
  3. Crowdsourcing - Jeff Howe
  4. The Cool Factor - Del Breckenfeld
  5. Brand Digital - Allen P. Adamson
What is on your list? Have you read any of these titles and think I should re-think?

Or if you are one of the authors send me a copy and I would be happy to post a review ;)

Better Than Free - Your Guide to the Future

Remember Kevin Kelly? We posted about his fabulous TED talk a few months ago and I've been obsessed with his blog ever since. Kevin is a futurist | web expert | blogger | idea man and one of the smartest people out there when it comes to thinking about what's next.

He's written a short piece called Better Than Free and I urge anyone who works in digital or is interested in the space to download it (free) and read it.

Essentially, it describes what it's like to work in a world of free content and goes into 8 ways that groups will make money in the years to come off of it. The internet, he writes, is one giant copy machine. Anything that's posted on the web can be taken, copied and passed on with little consequence.

As a result, we've got to find new ways to add value and create desire for users to pay for specific things. I won't get too deep in the hopes that you read the article but if you want to say anything smart for the next year, I'd take five minutes out of your day.

Don't give presents. Give Experiences.

Check out this commercial for Red Balloon Experiences.

I just browsed through the site and it is full of some pretty amazing experiences. If you have been considering starting a bucket list, click here for ideas.

He who knows, Knows. Isenbeck Beer.

Just finishing a couple of posts then I am off to register for ballet classes.

Thanks Ad broad for the find.