Gay Targeted ads from Saab

Because not all roads are straight...excellent gay targeted online ad.

Thank you to Mike Coulson for the link.

Earth Day - Grand & Toy

I know...you have received over 10 earth day e-cards, 30 emails about your suppliers and their eco-friendly products and one email from the office manager challenging everyone to reduce their paper usage today.

But, here is our Earth Day post. Grand & Toy, one of Canada's biggest office supplies companies has launched their Green Office site. More than products the site has a green glossary, a contest and some great tips on how you can actually start to make an impact year round. I like this approach as they aren't just capitalizing on a day to make sales.

Check it out.

Beavers love kotex - look at how happy it is

Got to love those Aussies....

You drive like an idiot because you have a small penis

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