Just Remember...

For all that's going on in Tiger's life, he is one mentally tough guy.


Before You Text, Give it a Ponder

LG has just launched a new campaign featuring James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio. The campaign is build around Lipton and his famous beard. It promotes the idea that teens need to think before they text. The 4 launch spots drive to a great microsite that pushes users to specific social destinations (Facebook, YouTube, Flickr) to 'experience the beard'. I'm sure that the irreverence and humour of this campaign will resonate with the youth target. Nice work, LG.


Shiny Suds for Method

Droga 5 kills another brief.

Thank you Christopher Hirst for tweeting this one.


Reebok EasyTone

I don't know what to say.

"Ads! Gross" - Wikipedia

A colleague recently tipped me off to a permanent 'ad' that Wikipedia is running on their site. The leaderboard asks Wikipedia users to to donate money to help keep the site going. I've read that Wikipedia is only staffed by about 30 people and costs approximately $8-10 million to operate annually (most likely due to hosting / server costs for the billions of articles up there).

I like the approach of this message. Help us keep the doors to the site open and we'll reward you by not advertising - ever.


It is Grey Cup Sunday

I am not the biggest fan of the CFL or montages but I have always enjoyed the writing in this spot.

May the best team win. Whoever is playing in the game.

Football is Hardcore

I've got an unhealthy obsession with football and, as a result, love pretty much any football work that contains a good track and voice-over. This spot for the Dallas Cowboys is no different. Shot, cut and edited in less than a week, the spot is meant to capture the work that the team goes through when they aren't playing on Sunday's. Nice stuff.