Infinite Niches

During Chris Anderson's famous book, the Long Tail, he describes the true power that the web has given us; an easy ability to share and distribute our passions in order to connect with others.

What exactily is the Long Tail?

Anderson describes it as such: "Our culture and economy are increasingly shifting away from a focus on a relatively small number of hits (mainstream products and markets) at the head of the demand curve, and moving toward a huge number of niches in the tail."

Anderson then identifies three 'forces' that drive the long tail (from DJ Alchemi review):

1. More stuff is being produced. Technology and the internet make it cheaper and easier to record and distribute your own songs, publish your own writings and so on. This lengthens the tail.
2. There is better access to niches, again thanks to the reach and economies on the net. This fattens the tail.
3. Search and recommendations connect supply and demand. This drives business from hits to niches.

It is these niches that help the millions of blogs and social networks flourish.

As a brand, the ability to tap into these niches and start meaningful conversations with individuals is a key pillar of success on the web. No longer will people listen to a message that's to broad - it has to be personal.

A neat example of a popular niche below.

The Power of a Signature

Great spot from Amnesty International. It's tough to combine all of the different (horrific) situations that Amnesty lobbies against into one spot but this execution does it perfectly.

Nice strategy, wicked creative.

Thanks to Jen for the link!

Wunderbra Viral Spoof

Remember the Cadbury Gorilla viral?

Well it looks like the people at Wunderbra put together a little spoof of the spot for the net. It's had over 100,000 hits on YouTube already and continues to grow.

If you can't think of any content worth creating, just copy something that's worked!

We like to think so

Mens Underwear sold by sexy women

So here is the brief. The client is looking for a way to sell underwear without showing half naked men - but they want the ad to remain visually appealing.

I think this is great. Ad number one is my favourite...yours?

OB - Very, Very Absorbant

This one must be for heavy days. What a ridiculous ad.


Ah, the good old days. Advertising was just so simple.

Put a few people on the beach, create a "catchy" jingle and throw around the old Frisbee. Just remember to add in a couple smiles and between the legs catches for good measure!

Link from Where's My Jetpack?

Guinness Tipping Point

Honda Cog you've got nothing on the Guinness tipping point. Ok maybe you have a slightly higher degree of difficulty, maybe you came first, maybe you were shot in one take with one camera and just maybe you were original; but this ad has fire and beer.

A Few "Old School" Ads

Back in the day when ads were sexist...

Can you actually imagine presenting work to clients with these headlines and images?

Thanks to Helder for the link!


Visual Thoughts

For more go here...then come back.

Creative Paper

This is just absolotely incredible. Posted on Adgoodness over a year ago I just came across it in an old archive of mine and wanted to share.
See the full collection of Peter Callesen here.

Just Plain Cool

This unique, funnel shaped umbrella harnesses the flow of rainwater down into its handle, a water pistol. The user can fire at will, maintaining a constant flow of water as long as rain continues to fall!


FireFox - How to surf at speeds unkown to you!

Don't worry; this loophole isn't too nerdy, too technical or too hard for the average person. Assuming you use Firefox for your browser, follow the simple steps detailed below and you will be surfing the web much faster than before.
  • Type "about:config" into the address bar and hit return
  • Scroll down and look for the following entries and alter appropriately

    • Set "network.http.pipelining" to "true"
    • Set "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true"
    • Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to a number like 30 -- Firefox will now make 30 requests at once whereas before it would only make one request at a time

  • Lastly right-click anywhere and select New -> Integer

    • Name it "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set its value to "0" (time the browser waits before it acts on information received)
Thank me and them later. Happy speed surfing.

PETA - Comfortable in your own skin

Well I am happy to say that PETA has listened to me. They have moved on from the world of naked celebrities.

Although I must say that couch does look pretty comfortable. Maybe even more comfortable than my own skin. If it is real leather than that means that PETA had to purchase a leather couch for this ad. Interesting?

Ad Quote of the Day - discussed

"No agency is better than its account executives."
~Morris Hite

I have read this quote on several occasions and sometimes I agree with it. Sometimes I don't.

To steal a quote from Colin Farrell in Miami Vice, our clients hire us "...for a result not for a service". Client services can only keep the client happy for so long; if the creative team is missing the mark on a consistent basis then the account executives can't save the account.

Vice Versa, if the creatives are amazing but the account team cannot create and foster a positive working relationship, or if the briefs are consistently weak then the creative teams ample abilities cannot alone make the agency great in the eyes of their clients.

For that reason I wish to propose the following revision. "No agency is better that its weakest member".

Microsoft Surface

This demo is a few months old but still very interesting when it comes to thinking about the future of technology.

Microsoft Surface is a touch screen application that can be applied to a number of different situations; from ordering food from a restaurant to looking at photos with friends.

What is interesting isn't just the simple way you can view a few photo's but also how it can automatically read your devices, credit cards and other information - processing it extremely quickly and seamlessly.

Just another reminder of how things are always changing and another new technology is just around the corner.

HTC to make first Android phone

I am pretty excited about the linux based android phones coming out in the near future. This will literally change the entire mobile marketing game. Applications and content will be interchangeable between devices. Meaning free exchange of files (music, video, etc) allowing for content to go viral at twice the speed it currently does.

Article from business week:

Taiwanese mobile-handset manufacturer HTC announced Tuesday that it will release its first Android-powered device into the European market in the second half of 2008.

Android, which comprises all the elements of mobile software, from operating system to applications, was announced by Google on Monday after months of speculation.

Following the European launch, HTC will produce more such devices, both under its own brand and under the brands of its operator partners.

Sources close to Google confirmed that HTC will be the first manufacturer to bring an Android handset to market.

Florian Seiche, HTC's European vice president, said that the company's goal was to provide a "broad portfolio" of devices targeting various segments of the market, from consumer to enterprise. Android devices, he said, would fall squarely into the relatively new consumer side of HTC's business, targeted this year with the Touch phone.

"The core nature of Android is the fact that the internet should be put right at the centre of your mobile experience," said Seiche. "It is fair to say that it will be very much focused on the growing part of the consumer market that is using mobile devices for much more than voice calls and text messages."

Full article on Business Week.

Another Absolut piece of crap

In an Absolut world men come in a box? Excuse my perverse sense of humour but I am pretty sure that already happens. Think about it.

Ty has already posted twice about how we feel this campaign is a slap in the face to the legacy that is Absolut's advertising history. Is a review imminent?

Found on Ads of the World.

Extremely Creative Execution - Literacy Foundation

Watch this brilliant spot from Blue Blanc Rouge for the Literacy Foundation. Two targets reached one execution.

I'm Loving It...

Yet another example of the risk's of online sponsorship.

Think McDonald's was planning on sponsoring Pete Doherty shooting up again? Doubt it.

At least the Legend lives on...

Changing the game

Copied word for word from Seth Godin's Blog:

Google announced an open interchange that allows users to take their social graph with them from one site to another. MySpace just joined in. This changes the rules for FaceBook, because now users have a choice of picking from dozens, soon to be hundreds of open sites... or just one closed one.

How can you change your game?

Consider the plight of Mike Huckabee and John Edwards. Both are making strong runs for the nominations of their parties, but both suffer because they're not seen as front runners. So why not change the game? Instead of waiting for a TV network to invite them to a debate, why not make your own TV show? Debate each other, in public, in Iowa. Broadcast the whole thing on YouTube. When you're done, challenge others in the opposite party to debate you, one on one. On your channel. What are they, chicken?

Consider the sandwich/burger shop/deli on a street crowded with choices. What to do? Why not get rid of all the meat and become a vegetarian/kosher sandwich/burger shop/deli? Now, it's five competitors and you. Anyone with a friend who eats carefully will bring her to your shop, the one and only one of its kind.

Usually, when you destroy the barriers in an existing industry, everyone loses... except you.

I completely agree with Seth's comments. It is the companies that flip their industry on its head that will stand-out.

WTF of the week - Doritos Tide

As the people on the beach collect free bags of Doritos I wonder how often this happens? If a container of ammonia fell off a boat we would definitely hear about it in the news. Where is Greenpeace on this one. With a big name like Doritos I would have thought they would have been all over this one.

Awesome...Kanye & John in the studio

This promo video for Kanye Wests song Bittersweet with Jaohn Mayer is hilarious. Thanks to Sticky Ricky for sending this through.

Enjoy it.....bitches. ( You will get that in a minute).

Clean Is Happy

This might just be the funniest microsite I have ever seen.

Is it intentional? No. It's just plain funny.

It might be because of the product; is it a toilet or a baday?

It might be because of the acting (brutal).

It might be because of the detailed explaination around how the product works.

Or it could just be the demo. Yes - it's the demo (click on washlet 101 to have a good laugh).
Thanks to Pantyboy22 for the link!


Ad Quote of the Day

"In our factory, we make lipstick. In our Advertising, we sell hope."
~ Charles Revlon

MySpace Got Game

MySpace, the social networking site has formed a partnership with Oberon Media to create a new gaming channel on the site.

The fast-growing company, which is owned by News Corp, said the new channel MySpace Games will allow users to choose from hundreds of games and add them to their Web pages.

MySpace is looking to tap into the fast-growing market for "casual gaming" -- five-minute distractions that appeal to audiences of all ages by letting them test their wits against other online players.

MySpace Games is expected to launch in 2008, the companies said.

I wonder what it will cost to launch branded games on MySpace or if MySpace will offer brands to sponsor existing games.

I can already see Kraft Dinner sponsored Pac Man, Lego sponsored Tetris and yes, as seen above Paris Hilton sponsored Sobriety tests...I mean bejewelled.

Originally found here.

The New Way To Recruit - Are You Game?

How do you recruit employees for a company that makes interactive electronic gaming systems? Easy. Build a compelling recruiting microsite on a snappy domain name - Then invite prospective employees to a Casino Night with free food and drinks at your office.

Rocket Gaming Systems is separating itself from the crowded gaming industry in the Lower Mainland by finding innovative ways to recruit new employees.
"As you can imagine, the complexities involved with delivering 24/7 networked, multimedia gaming systems are extreme. What we want to know is: are you game? Game enough to leave your footprint on one of the fastest growing industries in North America? Game enough to tackle the challenging technology? Game enough to get your game on at Rocket?"

Steve Nash - Training Day

Great new spot from Nike for Steve Nash. As per usual, nice track, great shots and an iconic superstar to bring the whole spot home.

Thanks for the link, Snowden!

DDB Shines with Phillips

Glow-in-the-dark wild postings from Australia.

Found on Adgoodness

Facebook's New Face

During Ad Tech this week, Facebook finally unveiled their new ad serving system. Although the hype has been intense over the last few weeks (with some in the industry speculating that it could take on Goolge's AdSense), the new model isn't overly revolutionary.

Prior to getting into a brief analysis, here are the three new components of the model:

1) Free Brand Profile Pages - until now, brands have only had two major advertising options on Facebook; sponsored group pages and applications. Facebook is now allowing brands to create their own profile pages for free. They will have the ability to post on their own wall, upload pictures and movies and provide applications for distribution. Others will have the option to make the brand their friend so they can receive updates just like any other user.

On the announcement yesterday, 100,000 brand pages were launched on the site.

2) Social Ads and Facebook Beacon - "Facebook Beacon" is the most interesting component of the new model. Through a comprehensive partnership with a number of high-profile sites (Ebay, Sony Entertainment, Blockbuster, CBS), Facebook is now importing user date while they visit other sites to the news feed.

For example, let's say that you've gone from Facebook to Ebay. You're selling an item and you want to see if anyone has bid on it. With Facebook Beacon, your actions will be listed in the Facebook news feed so all your friends will know that you've gone to check out a certain item on Ebay.

Similarly, if you upload a new video to ExpoTV, your Facebook friends will get to see it in their feeds, increasing the chances that more people will view it. (That and the fact that the featured site will also be featured in the feed).

3) Enhanced Analytics - Perhaps the most sought after part for advertisers is the news that they will have access to the vast amounts of data that users upload about themselves (with their permission of course). Targeted executions will be based on interests, demographics and other information that users upload.

As well, Facebook will now allow brands to see how users are interacting with their ads after they click on them - ie. Where they are going afterwards, what pages they are clicking on, etc.

This new model is very attractive to advertisers but what about the users? Are people going to like the option of having their actions tracked and posted to the Facebook news feed?

Moreover, are many people going to want to be "friends" with brands they like? And how about the ones that they don't? What are their walls / tagged photo's going to look like?

Many questions remain but one answer seems clear - Facebook's revenue is going to go up from the $150 million it made last year.

Some links on the release:
- Facebooks Official Press Release
- Marketing Vox article on the details
- Excellent Mashable review of the model
- Madison Avenue reaction (from Valleywag)

AdJoke's Top 25

The one thing about blogging that has blown my mind over the past 11 weeks that AdJoke has existed is the ability of our blog to reach the world from the comfort of my couch. We have been averaging as of late around 125 unique visitors from around the world every day. With about 240 total page views per day.

The majority of our visitors come from the US; however the top 25 countries by visitors is listed below. Please feel free to submit what is happening in your country to our facebook group and we will be sure to post it. We are always interested in the best from all corners of the world.

Imagination on FFFFOUND!

Albert Einstein is one smart cookie yet he still recognized the value of a great imagination. I am really enjoying stumbling across these visual quotes on FFFFOUND!

AdJoke October Review

To start November, we're going to showcase some of our top posts (based on hits, comments, etc) from the previous month.

Check them out if you missed them (in no particular order).

- Canadian Facebook Statistics

- Sony Bravia's Pyramid Spot

- Dove's Onslaught (follow-up to Evolution)

- The NBA's new campaign (Where Amazing Happens?)

- The Neat Bob Dylan Viral Campaign

All neat stuff. As always, please feel free to comment or pass on anything you'd like us to post.

The Internet Knows Who You Are

Interesting video from the popular tech / nerd site,

With all of the personal information that people are putting up on sites like Facebook and YouTube, its no surprise that many employeers are sifting through personal profiles to find out more about their potential job candidates.

As this short video describes, the division between private and public on the web hardly exists.

Think it would be strange to tell the people interviewing you how drunk you got last weekend?

Don't worry, thanks to the "hilarious" pics your friend posted and tagged, they already know.

Our purpose - to evoke emotional responses

I really like this image and quote above. But of course I have an opinion. Yes the design must evoke an emotional response; however the designers need to be working from a strategy that uses a key insight into the consumer to be able to evoke the correct emotional response. Without a connection to the product, campaigns, or communications purpose (which is to create an emotional response) the design is useless.

I am sure that Conran & partners who coined this phrase above are well aware of this however I still notice poor design on a daily basis.

Absolut World Strikes Again

Another horrible ad from the new Absolut campaign. Nothing like making fun of Global warming to sell more vodka.

Link from Copyranter.


Nationwide Insurance

I don't know why I am just seeing this now. Apparently it has been around for a while. Disruptive media? I think so.

Well done Nationwide.

Ad Quote of the Day

"Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.
~ L. Burnett

British Airways vs. SilverJet

Are parodies acceptable? I don't like them very much. Maybe if they are timely, but 18 years later?

Below see the original British Airways ad circa 1989 then look at the 2007 SilverJet ad that premiered during the Rugby World Cup.

I agree that they are positioning themselves against BA as in BA talks about serving 24 million, while SilverJet only serves the privileged few but still something just doesn't feel right.

British Airways


I also wonder why Hugh Hudson the acclaimed Director of many commercials and movies including Chariots of Fire (1981) would want to direct a parody?

Ohhh to play with these budgets...

Acura - Smile

I like this spot as a 60 second; but I feel it loses its magic when cut to 30 seconds. Nonetheless it is a new way to show the standard SUV driving through different landscapes ad.

30 Second spot embedded below. Link to 60 second here.

Surveillance Camera Screensaver

i.document has created a screensaver application that you can download onto your computer. This application creates a screensaver that serves up images from 600 public access security cameras.

From Boingboing reader Micheal:

"SurveillanceSaver is an OS X screen saver that shows about 400 live security camera videos from public accessible Axis network cameras. It shows surprising scenes from underwater pool cameras, cows in milking machines, to shopping malls and street cameras. "

Can you imagine the possibilities for marketers? Off the top of my head Smirnoff could create a screensaver that links into cameras in nightclubs around the world so when you are at work your screensaver shows a nightclub from the other side of the world partying. Branded Smirnoff of course.

Titleist could have cameras on golf courses showing live rounds being played; what better way to convince a target to visit and search for a local course with an afternoon tee-time available?

Public Transit (subway, etc) systems could link into traffic cameras showing traffic jams juxtaposed against their moving trains.

Target Creates Model-less Fashion Show

No models, no attitude but unfortunately no sexuality.

Why do men watch fashion shows? It is an excuse to look at women. If you want to stop a busy couple as they make there way through Grand Central station they both need a reason to stop. She looks at clothes, he looks at women. I admit most guys will stop to check out the technology but then move on without giving the clothing a second thought.

Great promotion for women, but I don't see the connection for men. Below is a section of the press release.

Target adds a new dimension to fashion with the Target Model-less Fashion Show, transforming Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbilt Hall into the site of the world's first virtual fashion show. State-of-the-art technology will produce High Definition holograms allowing Target clothes to strut down a virtual runway -- models not included. Audiences can expect a theatrical show in which Target clothes and accessories are the stars and the laws of physics no longer apply.

"Everyone will have a front row seat at the Target Model-less Fashion Show, where the stars of the show are the clothes and the accessories," says Trish Adams, senior vice president, Target. "This is the first time a fashion show will be completely produced with hologram technology, without models, without a runway and easily accessible to all fashion fans."

Powered by hologram innovator Musion Systems Limited, the presentation will employ an illusionary technique that uses Eyeliner(TM) foil to give two dimensional images the illusion of depth. The installations are recorded, played back and projected in true High Definition giving the holograms unprecedented quality and clarity.

The Target Model-less Fashion Show will take place on Tuesday, November 6, and Wednesday, November 7, in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal on E. 42nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenues.

See full press release here. I will post pictures tomorrow.

YOTOPHOTO - Free Stock Photography

Yotophoto is a site currently in beta that offers access to free photos that exist in the public domain. It has search functions just like a standard stock photo site.

I admit that the quality of photos is noticeably lower; however for students looking for free photos for spec work or just a art director looking for free images to use it is a great resource.


Crazy Condom Video From India

"I am good natured and provide satisfaction"?????

I can't remember the last time a condom provided satisfaction. Yes, it helps to get it; but then it dulls sensation, numbs ummmm and well nevermind....

Watch this video and thank god we never had to watch crazy dancing condom videos as kids. Does Bollywood make porn? What is that like?

Found on my first visit to the blog Advertising & Marketing made easy

London Week - Jesus is Back!

Another tube execution from London.

I really enjoy the dramatic lightening bolt around the bible. Fantastic work from one of the top creative teams in the UK.

Don't worry though, he's funny this time!

(Found the writer standing next to it...)

Recycling Ideas

This ad goes back to one of my previous posts about how there are no new landscapes only new eyes.

This concept has been done for public transit, trains and planes all before however never with Sudoku. Is it effective? I bet people in New Zealand are talking about it.

Not ad related...but WOW!

Can we say ignorant? I think so.

Webvershoptainment -

I admit I completely made up the word webvershoptainment and I agree it is horrible, but is looking to become the first venture of merged online entertainment with branding and drive to purchase. As Andrew Essex says below it is "MTV meets QVC".

"Honeyshed is a broadband destination that celebrates the sell," says Andrew Essex, CEO of Droga5, who was left to field calls in the agency's offices in New York City and who describes the venture as "MTV meets QVC." "There's a lot of so-called branded content out there, but it doesn't have many places to live," he says. "It gets lost on YouTube or it's like, a brand in isolation. In contrast, this is totally transparent and completely entertaining. It's overt advertising based on the idea that people love brands. They just don't necessarily love it when brands interrupt or deceive them. This will make brands the life of the party rather than the uninvited guest."
So far, Publicis, Droga5, and Digitas have invested between $5 million and $10 million in developing the project, which they hope will allow them to tap into the projected $19.5 billion that will be spent on online ads this year, according to an eMarketer report from February, 2007.

I believe that there is an opportunity for something like this to work. Consumers are constantly online looking to be entertained, educated about new products from their favourite brands and/or shop. I doesn't hurt either that the 3rd largest agency network and Microsoft is behind it.

Article found here.

Mazda Makes Another Horrible Commercial

Maybe it is just me, but making fun of Mazda commercials has become like the tabloids cutting up Britney; too easy.

The shite they produce continues to amaze me month after month. View my last post about a Mazda spot where Japanese ninja porn meets gay strip club techno music. Then to top t all off they hit us with the line of the century..."Fitness comes standard". WTF.

Back to the spot below, Advergirl's post sums it all up:

"An all-black chorus singing in gospel-style ... a song that includes the phrases 'come shine here with me' and 'I'm finally free.' The the zoom out hits as they sing the brand's hallmark 'zoom, zoom' in a closed circle around a car.

Excessive religious references aside, it seems like a particularly offensive cultural lift.

In principle, I agree with the approach. Car buyers have changed. Over 50% of them are women. Growing numbers are Hispanic and African-American. Yeah, we need to get away from the white guy in a convertible zipping around the windiest roads of the Italian countryside with a thrilled woman by his side. But, there's a big, big 'in between' from talking to a niche to lifting an experience."

Mazda & JWT please quit throwing crap at me every time I watch TV.

I can feel Cadbury beating the Gorilla to death

With the viral success of the drum-pounding, Phil Collins loving chocolate promoting Gorilla; Cadbury Canada has decided to try to extend the popularity creating a cinema camapign showing the viral spot but adding a drive to promotional web component.

They are asking concumers to visit to enter to win.

Check out Ty's original post here.



Looking for a visual orgy of images? Don't waste time on Flickr when you can spend time on FFFOUND!

Currently in beta FFFOUND allows users to bookmark or add photos that they like on Flickr then you can visit the site and check out the best of Flickr.

One feature that I like is that they recommend other photos for you based on your preferences.

Check it out at FFFOUND!

Horrible Media Placement

Ok look closely below. First the article is scary. A 66-year old man who only has 20% vision in one eye is caught downloading over 2000 images of child porn.

What gets placed on this article? First, a leaderboard boasting how they have doubled the number of items on their online store. Second look at the Colgate ad. No words can do this justice

Found on Bannerblog

London Week - Sex Sells in London?

Saw this in a tube station.

"Scotch Beef. Always hot in the winter"

Nothing like hairy legs and a dude to make me want to eat beef for dinner.

(Sadly, I'd had beef ribs about 30 minutes before and puked in my mouth after seeing this...thanks Scotch Beef.)

London Week - Gilette's Crap Spreads...

PJC posted a spot from Gilette that probably cost about $3 million to produce. And, as he mentioned, it's the worst TV spot in the world.

It seems, though, that the smart marketers at Gilette have decided to leverage their sponsorship dollars and include the "big" three on their packaging as well.

Just remember, if you shave with Gilette, you will be the next Tiger Woods.

London Week - Close The Sale

We all know that Apple is a great brand. When we buy an iPod or Mac Book, it makes even the most boring (PC like) people feel creative.

The products themselves aren't substantially different. Sure, there are unique programs like iLife or iTunes, but when it comes to technology and price, Apple can be beat by the likes of Dell and others.

What makes Apple different is their brand. It's so strong that people (like myself) defend the company and their Mac's at all costs.

A great planner I work with once told me a quote from an Apple lover she'd met:

"When my PC used to break down, I'd call the I.T guy and say 'Hey, can you get over here.' But when my Mac Book used to break down, I'd call the I.T. guy and scream 'Oh my god, somethings wrong, please get up here as fast as you can."

We've written a lot about some of the great spots that Mac has produced over the years, but I wanted to post about the unique way that Apple closes the sale.

It seems that these days, retail advertising has become the ugly step child to mass and interactive. Once you've got the people in store with great ads, what more is there to do?

A lot. Ever seen a great car commercial, become interested in the car, done a bit of research and then gone to the dealership? Things are a bit different, aren't they? Although the greasy, pushy salesmen just wants to get you to buy, buy, buy, after watching a wonderful ad about customer service you feel a bit...well...lied to.

This is where Apple does not fall down. When you walk into an Apple store, you are instantly engaged with an Apple enthusiast. This person helps to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction.

But what if you already own an Apple product and are just looking for help? In the UK, and in many other Apple stores, they run all-day tutorials for their popular programs and devices.

From the iPod bar to the iMac tutorial session, you can find out how to be creative in easy ways; from editing your latest home movie with iMovie to recording your next Podcast.

Many brands create great mass campaigns but fail to close the sale in-store. This is the final place where your brand promise must come alive. People have heard about it, seen it in your ads and read about it in the papers but if your staff, store and space don't showcase it perfectly, all the work you've done will come crashing down.