WWF - Lungs

Great retouching. Found via Adgoodness

Can you spell CANNES LION? Check out Mow the lawn

Catchy jingle, great message and wonderful creative. I hope this becomes a campaign.


Women's Aid: Isn't it time someone called Cut

Here is another spot that is hoping shock factor of its very graphic content will help raise awareness. I am not going to lie I would have changed the channel, it is uncomfortably graphic and does not make me want to support the organization.

Why focus on the negative when you can focus on the positive?


Links [Copied Edition]

I love reading Copyranter - especially his link updates. He's just posted his recent faves and he has a link to a Brad J Lamb ad that is all over Toronto right now (and it's brutal). Lamb is known as one of the major real estate guys in the city and his team dominates condo sales in the city. That being said, all of his ads are horrid and I'm glad people are starting to call him out on them. Check out Copyranter if you've never read it and if you're in real estate, please think of an idea that doesn't involve your head on a bus stop.