Don't Get Caught in the Rain

This is one of the greatest new products I've seen and an astounding and hilarious video demonstration. Billed as the "Ultimate Self-Defense Umbrella", this new product is has been deemed a class 5 weapon in the US in other countries and requires a weapons permit to purchase.

After watching the "Watermelon" test, you'll know why. Amazing!

Watch your own heart attack

Nice work from London. Found on Contagious magazine.

AdJoke in QR

Here's a cool little tool that allows you to make your own QR codes. If only our phones could read them in this country!

The Next 5,000 Days

TED has brought us hundreds of amazing speeches and talks and I think I can say that this one, by Kevin Kelly, is my favorite.

Kelly goes into an in depth talk about the first 5,000 days of the internet and what the future will bring. It's a great talk with some mind-blowing stats. Take a moment to consider this slide:

Mind blowing stuff. 2 million emails per second? The web is one big place. If you are interested in digital, technology or the internet (at all), take 20 minutes and watch the following video - then send it to everyone you know.

Unity on the Coke Side of Life

Coke does it again with a CG spot all about American-China unity (on the basketball court)

5 Year Agency Outlook

Just scanned through a recent article from Tom Martin about how agencies will change in the future. I think if you work for a brand or in an agency, you're in the midst of a huge shift. Traditional agency models are changing (not only due to digital and new technologies) and clients are demanding more from their communications partners.

Martin describes what he thinks the two future types of agencies will be:

- The C Agency (creative) - in charge of strategic planning on all fronts, including ubersuits (his term) that are in charge of all facets of a campaign - strategic dev, planning, consumer research, idea development and execution.

- The P Agency (production) - a group who acts almost like a production house; fighting on margins, ensuring all tactical elements of a campaign are created and executed on time and (most importantly) much more of a supplier to the client rather than a partner.

I think that the C vs. P model is interesting. Especially because I believe that at the end of the day, execution is not a tough thing to do. It's the strategy that gets you to a campaign that's the tough thing to crack.

53% of Marketers Reduce Ad Budgets

With the American recession in full swing, Marketers are cutting their media and production budgets fast. A new survey in America has shown that over half of US marketers plan to reduce their budgets in the coming year. Let the creative complaining begin.

Full AdAge article.

Don King and Nike? [Seriously]

I don't know what to think about new Nike campaign for the US open. If you're a fan of tennis, you've got to be excited about the Federer vs. Nadal rivalry. Wimbledon was - arguably - the greatest grand slam final of all time.

You'd think that nothing could be better for a brand like Nike - their two top athletes in Tennis continually facing off against one another in epic match after epic match.

Where does Don King fit in? He's the voice behind their new "Grapple in the Apple" campaign. W+K is using an old-school boxing promotional approach to hype the tournament and the potential for another final. I'm all for hype, but I'm not a Don King fan - mainly due to the way boxing has been run for the last 20 years and his role in promoting fights that really aren't worth watching.

Advertising Age has an in depth article about the campaign. I'd rather just hope that the two meet in the final and not have to worry about watching Don King introduce it.

Mountain Cool?

Mountain Dew is trying to reach the coolest kids around. In order to do so, they've recently launched a music label that supports digital music from the web.

The label, called Green Label Sound, helps to promote new content on the web and allows users to download (free) tracks from new artists.

Will this help Mountain Dew resonate with the cool kids? Maybe. I'm all for brands taking chances but this seems like somewhat of an odd fit. Plus, I'm not that big a fan of their first, signed artist (video below).

25% of Total Budget Spent Online

Advertising Age recently reported that GM is currently spending at least 25% of it's total marketing budget in digital.

Early reports speculated that in a few years, the car manufacturer may spend up to half of it's budget in digital.

What is your brand spending? Better question - what is it spending in radio ads?

Tried and True Formula

There's something to be said about an ad like this. I certainly noticed it. Nice looking phone, prominent (but subtle) URL and, oh right, the half naked woman.

(It's for a new, mobile magazine by the way...not like you care)

Found on adrants (SHOCKING).

Google Insights

Google has created another excellent tool for marketers and anyone interested in search. Called Google Insights, it allows users to compare two search terms against one another and understand some of the trends and differences between them.

I compared how many Canadians have searched for the iPhone (and related terms) against the Samsung Instinct in the last 90 days. You can see, through clear data and analytics, some of the key differences and the overall (expected) dominance of the iPhone.

What I like about this tool is that it not only compares terms but also shows upcoming trends in specific search words. It's good to know how people are searching for your product.

The Night of Posts

I've decided to spent the night in and rededicate myself to the blog. The last few weeks of summer have been insane with work, vacation and, of course, golf. Tonight I'm going to post. A lot.

I've always wondered a few things about posting and blogs:
  • Top blogs will post 8-0-100 times/day. At that rate, you're looking at at least 1,000 unique visits by simply Digging every one of your posts
  • Quality vs. Quantity - is it better to post a ton hoping that something sticks, or spend hours writing a detailed post that a few people love?
  • Who cares about numbers? Bloggers do. In fact, I think we're obsessed. My key number? Technorati tags. Help us by signing up and linking to one of our posts
After tonight, I'll post what our traffic was in the last 24 hours, how the quantity of posts affected it and we'll do some fun tests in the future.


AT&T Butterflies

Since Ty is now dedicated to Perverted posts, I will only post about cute and emotional topics like butterflies and the Olympics. Which brings me to this great spot from AT&T. Emotional? Yes. Relevant to the brand, product or services? Yes. Timely? Yes. Great stuff.

If you are here for naked women, breasts or sex I apologize but there is none in this post. Visit here for T&A.


Boob Mosaic [Headlines that get Digged?]

I've sold out. Yup, I'm only writing posts that involve one of three things:

- Naked Women
- Breasts (specifically)
- Sex (involving women)

Why? Because that's what the audience likes.

So, I give you, Wonderbra. Nothing quite like a site that allows women to upload pictures of them in their underwear and create their own (real) digital billboard in downtown London. Will this sell more bra's? Maybe.

What I really want to know is how many men view the site vs. women. (and the breakdown of how many men by bra's for their lady friends).

Check out the site to zoom in on all pictures.

Brilliant Response

Big corporations are scared of user generated sites like YouTube. Why? Because of one reason: control. It's scary to launch a campaign and have people give you feedback in real time, especially if there could be thousands of them speaking negitively about your brand.

But there is also a huge opportunity to leverage the masses - even if they point out something wrong.

Tiger Woods Golf 2009 is a popular game by EA Sports. A random guy found that there was a gitch in the game. As a video player, you could walk towards a ball in the water and actually hit it. He posted the video on YouTube and called it the "Jesus glitch."

A few thousand people watched the video and some even emailed EA sports to complain about the problem. Rather than ignore them, EA simply created their own video and responded.

It takes guts to book a meeting with the worlds biggest sports star to respond to a YouTube video. But it is also going to payoff huge. Great work.

Found on Mashable.

Vodka Airship

A good spot for Stolichnaya Vodka developed by Publicis London. I'm a big fan of the old-style CCCP look and the animation. Not so keen on the VO but a good spot nonetheless.


Post much?

We've been a bit behind on our posting lately but I assure you that things are going to pick up. I've got about 10 posts banked and it's going to be a jammed week of bloggin. Stay patient and, as always, feel free to send us any of your ideas / cool campaigns.