The Future, Microsoft Style

Considering that I just posted about some mind-blowing social media stats, I thought it would be relevant to show you this (fake) Microsoft corporate brand spot.

"The future. Only 498 years away."

Amazing stuff.

Social Media Stats

Although this video takes it's cue's from a Sony corporate video put together about a year ago, some of the new stats in it are staggering. Even though it's very popular right now to to talk about the number of ways that social media has changed communications, I still think it's worth checking out the latest stats now and then and reminding yourself how unbelievable they are.


CP+B Creates a Good Microsoft Video

I'm not a big fan of the "I'm a PC" stuff. The little kids are cute and all and the celebrities help ensure that people watch the spots instead of fast-forward them, but they still feel a bit strange to me. I think it's probably due to the fact that they are referring to Apple without actually doing so.

As the market leader in software this always felt a bit weird (sort of like Coke calling out Pepsi in a $300 million dollar campaign). You're already doing well, why make consumers think about another campaign?'s a video for Microsoft that I like. I have no idea what the link is for (assuming MS Office) but check it out:

Thanks to Scott for the link!