Johnnie Walker: The Walk

I have always loved the story of Johnnie Walker and I was so impressed to see this spot from BBH. Tyler found it and shared it with me, but I stole the post.

This is a wonderful brand piece and I believe that it will really help to establish the brand story with a new generation. I feel quite often brands feel that their stories have already been told and that consumers understand what they are and what they are about, but I feel that every generation needs to be re-introduced to every brand in a unique compelling and emotional way. This is really well done here.

It looks like BBH is on the copyright attack as several spots have been pulled off YouTube so don't be surprised if this link doesn't work soon. Why would an agency want to make it difficult for their spot to go viral?


Work I Wish I'd Done

I love advertising. Every once and a while, a brand comes along and does work that leaves you inspiried, passionate and hopeful that more brands will do the same. But few do.

Let's be honest. It is hard to do great work. It's hard to sell a concept through that doesn't scream about the product. It's hard to sell an idea that doesn't get ripped to shreds by the dozens of people (internal and client) that is has to get by.

But those teams that are focused and driven on creating work usually do. Sure, they might argue with their clients, ruffel some feathers and maybe even get fired. But eventually, a brand is going to find them and they are going to do something great.

That brings me to this spot from Virgin Media:

Great concept, direction, editing and music. Great work, all around.

Thanks to Mac for the link.

PS - sorry about the lack of posts in the past 10 days...just a bit wild but more are on the way.