Worlds largest diamond mine

Not ad related but I find this truly amazing. The sheer size of this mine blows my mind. This is the worlds largest diamond mine in Siberia. The hole is so big that area above the mine is closed to helicopter traffic as the downward flow could suck the helicopters into it.

Mini keeps having fun

TAP Project and thougths

I am sure that you have seen this before. I wanted to share it because the other night when I was watching the video I was trying to think how many times I had heard an idea of this proportion come-up in a brainstorm, presented to a client, etc to only see that idea never see the light of day because of budget constraints, lack of time, or a key player just doesn't get it.

For the team at Droga 5 it must be an incredible feeling to have clients, CDs, Directors , etc that believe in their big ideas and give them the time, money and opportunity to make them see the light of day.

On another note I do have a few issues with the video. It says the cost to UNICEF was $0; but somebody had pay for the site build, hosting, the production of window decals, printing of OOH, production for OOH video elements, etc. I just don't see hard costs being donated and all work being done for free.


Ad Quote of the week

Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.

- Sidney J. Harris

Found on my iGoogle "quotes of the day"section.

The Audition

Got passed this neat little video from an aspiring actress. Pretty funny.

Thanks to pantyboy22.

The Auditioner from Kate on Vimeo.


High Life- delivering common sense to the ad industry

I have posted a few of the spots from this campaign before. I absolutely love it. Maybe the best casting of any campaign.

Genius positioning, amazing casting and endless opportunity. Trying to find the hotel and baseball spot but here we have some great common sense commentary about the advertising.

Click play and enjoy....