Public Service Annoucements

Remember those Drug Free America spots that had a scary guy narrating as an egg got cracked and then thrown into a pan? (THIS IS YOUR BRAIN...THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON DRUGS...).

Well we've seen a few PSA's over the last couple of days that are worth checking out. One of them is extremely creepy and about sexual abuse victims and the other is from Europe about the speed limit.

The sexual abuse one goes right for the creepy - it's such a weird image that it's impossible to forget. The European speed limit one goes for an emotional response.

When it comes to PSA's, which execution is more effective? The one the creeps you out or the one that makes you feel (and think)?

And the Speed Limit...


A Great Spot

Just checked out this spot from Godin's blog. I have to say that it's one of the best TV spots I've seen thus far this year. Why? Because it asks a direct question to the viewer right off the bat and forces you to pay attention.

But even when you do, you don't...and that's the point.