Silence Speaks

A series of videos has been created for the Nova Scotia workers compensation board highlighting how being silent at the work place doesn't really help at all. In fact it makes the workplace more dangerous.

Well Silence is tired of being silent and he has finally began to speak.

Here is the latest video: Silence Speaks

A Gentleman Bear has been let on the grounds? ...hilarious.

Epson Projectors: Extreme Gamer

An interesting way to showcase the power, clarity, lightness and portability (kind-of) of an Epson projector.

The decade according to 9-year olds

The decade according to 9-year-olds from allison louie-garcia on Vimeo.

Found on The Curious Brain

Unbelievable quotes. A very interesting look at the world that 9-year olds are living in.


We've got that B-Roll and just having fun

This video is funny, looked like it was fun to make and for both those reasons kick-ass. Too often we forget that life should be about fun not stress, deadlines and being all serious and shit. So, what is going to be your "We've got that B-roll" video?

Google Goggles

It has been a long time coming. How long do you think it will take before retail store designers consider the ability of tools like this to recognize the store front in their design? Or what about font selection of your business cards, etc?


I am really excited to see this movie: The Babies

Amazing idea, especially at this time in our world where norms, cultures and traditions are beginning to transcend the lines of imaginary borders.

The Sun deliver Newspaper 4.0

Headline and post thanks to @martindelaney

I am not going to lie. I read a newspaper every 3 or 4 weeks and I also like this ad.

The Toronto Metro is a...Porn Mag?

In case you missed this morning's Toronto Metro, they decided that publishing a picture of a student with his 'member' sticking out would be a good thing. A colleague 'pointed' it out to me and the first thing I wondered was doesn't the Metro have at least a 3-stage approval for anything that goes to print?

For starters, a photographer took this shot and probably uploaded it, with a ton of others, up to a computer. Then an assistant editor picked from a few reco's and recommended to run it. Then the senior editor flipped through the whole issue and totally missed it.

Then it got printed. And went out to about 1 million people in Toronto. On their morning commute. For free.

Yes. This is a huge mistake. I just feel bad for the children.

Thanks to Mike and Jennifer for the update and link!