Ameriquest Campaign

I have got to thank my buddy Chris for this link. The entire "Don't judge too quickly " campaign one after another. Great campaign.


Your Guide to Viral Videos...By Jimmy Kimmel

We are a bit behind in posting these two videos from the Jimmy Kimmel show, however they are worth it if you haven't seen them.

It all started with Sarah Silverman's video to her 'boyfriend' Jimmy:

You can image the effects that something like that would have on a guy - anger, dispair and frustration (especially when it's Matt Damon).

Jimmy just aired the response to this video and with over 8 million hits in just a few days, it's become quite the web hit.

Is it shocking that a video with about 50 celebs became viral? Not really - especially when Ben Affleck is involved.


Ad Quote of the day

"A brand exists in your mind. It's a collection of associations or feelings people have about a particular product, service, or an organization. Branding is the tangible process of creating the signals that generate these associations."-- Allen Adamson, "BrandSimple"

Entertaining little video

Just for fun. Excellent brand placement by lego ;)

Found on exitcreative

Etrade - Baby gets Clown

The other day a girl I work with had a birthday. Her boyfriend sent her a singing clown.

He totally underestimated the creepiness.

This campaign is awesome. Babies, comedy and great casting on the v/o.

DC Shoes Gets it

DC shoes founder and current Chief Brand Officer is also a rally-car driver.

He is the guy behind the wheel. This doesn't feel forced, DC shoes isn't trying to be cool; it is cool so it can pull this sort of thing off. Skechers please don't try this.

Viral marketing is the future of entertainment

OOH - I liked

I mainly liked it because I despise smoking. Thank you Elana for the heads-up!

Old Bell Solo - Great Idea

Transit Shelter Ads were posted in different Canadian cities. By pushing the walkie-talkie button you were instantly connected to another shelter in a random Canadian city.

A great way to demo a product benefit while entertaining. I hope they recorded teh conversations.

From adgoodness


Do You Know Your Target?

Do you really know your target? What they think, what they want and what they do?

A large number of people in our industry - account, creative even production - have no idea. It's easy to get sidetracked; we've got timelines to meet, clients to answer too, research, studio, production, creatives, more briefs to write, copy decks...the works.

But that's no excuse. Are you working on a product that targets children 8-16? Well then you must know who this is. No?

It's Disney superstar - Hanna Montana. Currently one of the hottest tickets in the world to see...and yes, she even dances. If you watched the Oscars on Sunday, you might recognize her as she was one of the presenters.

You don't have to love what your target does (even though Aladin was amazing) but you should know what they do. It might take a few days of reading and watching shows you wouldn't on your spare time, but it will be worth it.