Canada's Top 10 TV Shows [Last Week]

Seriously? This seems like a sad state of affairs when "So You Think You Can Dance" is number 1 and 2 in the ranking. Must be a slow, slow summer.

At least the news made the top 10...

1 So You Think You Can Dance (CTV, Tuesday)—1,506,000

2 So You Think You Can Dance (CTV, Wednesday)—1,473,000

3 Canadian Idol (CTV, Monday-Tuesday)—1,265,000

4 CTV Evening News (CTV, Monday-Friday)—1,145,000

5 CSI: New York (CTV, Wednesday)—1,027,000

6 Law and Order: CI (CTV, Tuesday)—1,014,000

7 Wipeout (Global, Tuesday)—919,000

8 House (Global, Monday)—913,000

9 Sunday Evening Movie (CBC, Sunday)—912,000

10 Bones (Global, Monday)—861,000

From Marketing.

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