Blow Your Mind

At a cottage a few weekends ago, a good friend of mine blew my mind by simply plugging in his iPhone and playing the latest Girl Talk album.

Remember the revolutionary Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse? (A mash up featuring Jay Z's Black Album and the Beatles White album). Girl Talk is like DJ Dangermouse on crack.

His tracks are a compilation of new and old song (lots of 80's) with hundreds of samples mixed in to one, solid tune. I'm a huge fan - especially at work during mundane projects that require some solid computer time.

What I really like about this, though, is that it shows that there is a whole world of music out there just from sampling existing, succesful songs. DJ Dangermouse was the first to digitize this approach and spread it, and Girl Talk is pushing it to the next level.
Thanks to Chris and V-Ron for the reco...

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