Diesel is SFW (Sort Of)

I've got to say that when I read the Contagious article about the new Diesel campaign, I was skeptical. Until I watched the video (posted below).

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos

The Viral Factory, an agency in the UK and US responsible for other viral campaigns for Axe and other large brands, is responsible for this Diesel work. I think the quote from the creative director sums up what this video is all about (other than raising awareness for a series of Diesel parties):

‘When Diesel asked us to make a viral invitation to a global event they were calling Dirty Thirty XXX we were forced to abandon our normally high-brow approach to the medium and explore unaccustomed areas of infantile sordidness. Three weeks later we emerged from under an enormous pile of 80’s porn with a film we will never be able to show our mothers but which suggests a party which everyone will want to go to.’

What we got was a hilarious, 2 minute video that is certainly worthy of the "pass onto a friend" pillar of viral video. I don't know how many people are actually going to go to the party, but the objective of raising awareness and having people talk about your brand has certainly been met.

Even though the brand seems a bit - well - scummy.

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