The Links

- A great article about the $700 bailout and what the media is missing in the explanation
- Fallon planning explains the importance of brands that give rather than take (and shout)
- CNN is the latest victim of horrible online ad placements
- The price of a 30 second TV spot in the US has gone down by 4.1% - it's a only a cheap $130K now. Online growth has been cut in half too
- Think that the iPhone is unstoppable? Check out the huge rise in Google Phone searches since it's launch a few weeks ago
- Is Canadian creative going down the drain? Capital C chairman thinks so and is spreading the word about it
- Is Google buying TV spots?
- Obama is so cool he has a sweet iPhone app
- Think that your clients brand is important? What about yours?
- Before you start talking about how much you know about social media, check out this presentation (thanks to Katie B for the link)

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