Top 5 Wired Articles [March]

Just plowed through this month's issue of Wired. Here are 5 stories you've got to check out:

  • A great (true) story about the largest robbery ever - over $100 million in diamonds stolen from one of the most secure places in the world
  • Clive Thompson provides a short perspective on how to manage user generated comments in a way that doesn't piss people off. Fascinating read and worth it for anyone who has clients who want to be sure they can 'manage' he conversation in the social media space (even though you could argue that this isn't really...well...possible)
  • Apple is challenging the tech world to their 'Touch' technology. This lawsuit is going to get ugly
  • 7 simple ways that the US can fix the energy grid and get on the road to environmental enlightenment
  • Check out how scientists are creating a map of the brain - pretty intense stuff
Once again, Wired doesn't let you down.