The Links - May Edition

Please forgive the lack of posts over the last few weeks. Paul and I have been busy at work and also organizing a big event coming in September. AdJoke is going to keep on rolling and we recently learned that one blog listing site has ranked our little blog one of the top ad blogs in the world (#95th to be exact).

But enough gloating, here's 5 links to check out:
  • claims that its users upload more videos than YouTube. Right.
  • A jackass American conservative radio hosts decides to get water boardered because he doesn't think it's torture. To our delight, he was wrong.
  • The Wired guide on the Palm Pre vs. the iPhone. I still like the iPhone.
  • Turns out David Armano doesn't like websites anymore (sort of).
  • Nokia continues to make fantastic digital experiences. This one isn't any different.
Got any more cool links? Send 'em our way...