Looking back and forward

Both of these images were originally posted back in early 2007 . I was searching for an old post today and came across them and felt the need to share them again. Back when they were first posted we were lucky to see 15 visitors a day so I figured it wouldn't hurt to share them again.

Imagination in my mind makes knowledge possible. We learn because we are curious, we are curious because we wonder, we wonder because we have an imagination. Albert Einstein was correct.

Now, onto banksy. Being a believer in the creativity, intelligence and ambition of those that I have the pleasure to work with I agree with his sentiments about the advertising industry, but at the same time I believe that we can change the way we advertise to use our collective talents to create so much more. Advertising that creates art, emotion and through true brand experiences creates desire. A desire to support a brand that believes the same things that we believe in, that supports the same causes that we support and that seeks to evolve with us, discover with us and be a part of something more than a product and a message.