11 Stats from CES

Remember all the posts I promised about CES right when I got there? I know, I lied. I'm sorry. Just a whirlwind. Here, though, are a few stats that I heard at the various sessions and booths at the conference (sorry, can't remember the names of most people):
  • Samsung's Application Store has over 105 million downloads (from VP Innovation at Samsung on a panel) This shocked me. With the emergence of Smart TV's, the proliferation of applications will continue to grow.
  • Habbo Hotel has 9 million active monthly teens on the site and over 200 million registered characters (Head of Habbo New Biz)
  • GameStop, the largest bricks and mortar game retailer in the world, CEO said that 50% of their game revenue in 2010 was for PS2 games - a system that hasn't been made in several years (a reminder for all of us on the innovation curve that it takes a lot of time for the early majority to adopt new technologies)
  • Netflix video streaming accounts for 20% of all streaming in the US (CNet)
  • The average American TV viewer watches over 34 hours of TV a week (Zander, CBS)
  • To that end, the average US TV viewer spends over 150 hours a month watching TV and only 3 hours a month on online video (Mindshare)
  • There are over 60 million PlayStation Network users (Sony)
  • Production costs for a Hollywood-quality TV drama are approximately $2 million per hour episode (Zander, CBS speaking about TV quality vs. web)
  • 98% of all rich media ads are created in Flash (Adobe)
  • 80 different tablets were 'launched' at CES (launched in quotations as only a small percentage of these will actually make it to the market)
  • iTunes is the 2nd most popular application on Windows (unverified)
And one of my favourite quotes from the show from a guy in the audience at one of the sessions:

'There is no such thing as an unassailable technology position. The giants fall. Winners never stay.'