One Hit Wonders on the increase

Lately I have been hearing and noticing a lot more one-hit wonders. Many 'music' people will say that this is because the quality of music is going down faster than a groupie on a roofie, but I believe it is because of the Internet and the wonderful marketing tools available to every indi-band in the world.

Myspace, flickr, facebook, websites and mp3 sharing sites has made every band able to offer their music to the world. For this reason the OK bands that stumble on that one hit get noticed, get big quick and disappear. Little does my friends band Empire Alley know but I have been watching their marketing tactics and seeing how they spread the word of their good music.

Empire Alley is a Vancouver based indi-band that in my opinion has a few pretty good tracks. Hopefully they will make it big and not be a "one-hit wonder" but at this moment they have quite a marketing plan in the mix.

A flickr site where fans can upload pictures from shows.

A myspace page with 8000 friends, songs with 1000's of plays, banners you can post on your own site and an eventful link to request tour stops in your town.

A facebook group with 543 friends.
And all of this exposure cost them only a little bit of time. To have this same level of awareness would have taken a lot more work back in the 80's. The thought leadership shown by big dreams and small budgets will never cease to amaze me.

Drop by myspace and have a listen and look.

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