Why Blog?

A lot of people (and by "a lot" I mean about 3) have asked me in the last couple of weeks why I blog.

"What's the point?" is probably the most common question for those who haven't read blogs before.
For the 106 million bloggers out there, the answer is always unique. Some do it for money (or the hopes of making money), others do it to help connect with a specific niche of people - like Vampire lovers or Sailboat enthusiasts.

Whatever the reason might be, something about blogging as struck a chord in millions of people across the world. It could be the desire to be heard. To have a simple forum to communicate your passions, thoughts and interests.

Or it could be the need to continually update people on where you've been and what you're doing. Many of the blogs out there are immensely personal. An online diary about your real life for anyone to read.

I started blogging as an experiment to see what it was like and why so many people did it. "Why would I need to blog if I'm already am addicted to Facebook and Google Reader?" I thought.

More importantly, don't I have something better to do?

After 8 weeks of solid blogging, the answer is a resounding no.

Is that a bad thing? Depends on who you are, I suppose. But the fact remains that blogging, for those who have the stomach for it, can be highly addictive, frustrating and personal. That being said, if you enjoy your topic(s) and can find your voice (and audience) it's quite rewarding.

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