Stabilo Print.

I haven't yet decided if I like this campaign or not. I like the insight because I hate highlighters that run, are to thick, to skinny, etc. I don't think I like the campaign.

Do I like the execution? Ok, it is a little bit funny; yes it has an endless supply of possibilities...but does that mean it has legs? No. After viewing one or two of these I think the average consumer will choose to ignore them and move along. It reminds me of the word magents that you can use to make poems, one-liners, and jokes on your friends fridge. Yes the first couple times you are there you make a Juvenille Haiku about sex or a dirty rhyming couplet about...umm sex. After that you move on. Let's see how long this campaign remains in market.

And why not get the consumer involved? They should post pages form text books on a website and drive consumers to the site to highlight what they think is the funniest lines using their mouse. Then they can forward to their friend. Another thought could be to have students upload a picture of their highlighted text book making a funny statement as per the ads and then allowign them to forward it to friends for them to vote on the best. The page with the most votes wins free books and highlighters....I don't know just a thought.

And...who selected the font for the line?

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