The Links - Bulk Edition

You might not have heard, but there was an election last night. As a result, a ton of sites are posting election related materials and you can find some cool links below (and, of course some great ad related ones...especially with Marketing Week going on in Toronto right now. Check 'em out:

- Need a cool graph to make sense of social media insights? Check this out.
- What will Obama do with his massive digital network? He can start to plan for 2012.
- Fan of Xbox Live? Get excited. The new UI launches on November 19th.
- LinkedIn user who wants to do more with the social network? Check these apps out.
- Think that only your friends check your Facebook profile? Better be sure your employer doesn't. Especially if you work for Virgin.
- We've all seen the countless attack ads politicians run during an election. Want to make your own? Now you can - trust me, this app is sweet.
- If you work for a not-for-profit, you've got to read this post as soon as possible.
- Just remember, Atheist's can advertise too.
- You think American political ads are bad? Check out the Canadian ones.
- Great app from Brazil that lets you ringtone yourself.

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