Obama and New Media

A lot has been written about the Obama campaign being the greatest political campaign of all time. He raised more money than anyone (over $600 million US), dominated in the polls and created brand enthausists like nobody else.

A few days ago, one of his lead new media communication strategists - Rahaf Harfoush - gave a talk to the Rotman School of Business on the power of new media. For web 2.0 natives, the presetation might seem a bit basic but the strategies behind it are solid and proven.

My favorite tidbits:

- "4 days before the election, 3 million calls were made using the Obama Neighbor to Neighbor application"
- "639 million raised (in comparrison to McCain's $360)"
- "Half of all New Media Campaigns fail - find the sweet spot [and develop a good strategy to win]"

Thanks to Nick for the reference and link.

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