The worlds most active twitter towns

A snapshot of the most active cities in the world based on twitter posts.

My home, Toronto came in at 14 which is much higher than I would have expected.

See the full list on TwitterLocal.

Thanks to David Armano for sharing the site.


Morgan Coudray said...

Toronto is on the Twitter map! YES!
Best of all tho, is your new rating tool... it solves the big flaw of social bookmarking tool such as Digg which need you to be a member to vote. Where did you get it?

Paul Crowe said...

Hey Morgan,

It is free and available for all blogger members. Go to your dashboard, then click layout, then in the posts section click "edit". IN this window you just have to click and enable the elements you want including Adsense if you want to run ads on your blog.

Morgan Coudray said...

Thanks Paul. I'll fiddle around with it over the break.