This Summer let your interns plan your TV campaigns...

...and invest the dollars that would have gone to media agency commission into something valuable (like auditing your website user-experience).

Google TV ads is out and bringing the Google auction system to the world of media. I am interested in seeing how this service grows over the next few years. Something tells me that the traditional world of media buying is ignoring this and will continue to justify their model to clients.

Michael Steib the director of Google TV ads has a nice quote in Fast Company that sums up the service and benefits:

"One of the things we've learned from online advertising is that marketers make day-to-day decisions. In the traditional model of TV ad sales, you make buying commitments months in advance. With our system, you can bid on spots up to the day before. We've also just introduced a feature that uses search. If you're Allstate or DirecTV, two of our customers, you can type in keywords such as 'family' or 'football,' and our system generates a list of programs whose metadata is either an exact match or related. We're only going to give you content contextually relevant to your brand. And all that takes minutes. The next day, you get a report back that tells you what spots ran, what audience was delivered, and how much of your budget was spent. You're getting almost real-time data."

Check the video out here.

Pair this with the Google TVs ad tracking partnership with Nielsen and you have a game changing product. How many media CEO's or Presidents do you think are taking this seriously? As one of my favourite quotes goes:

"The bullet that kills you never hits you between the eyes. It hits you in the temple. You never see it coming, because you are looking in the wrong direction."