Google to track TV ads

According to the NY Times Google is about to announce a partnership with Nielsen Company. Nielsen is currently the authority of TV tracking and with this partnership they hope to give advertisers a more vivid and accurate snapshot than ever before of how many people are viewing commercials on a second-by-second basis, and who those people are.

Since May, Google has been selling ads on the 125 national satellite channels distributed by EchoStar Communications’ DISH Network. Cable networks routinely provide distributors with a few minutes each hour for local commercials; Google is responsible for a portion of EchoStar’s local time and creates an online auction market for it.

Google then analyzes the data from set-top boxes to determine exactly which ads were watched or skipped, with a second-by-second breakdown. With Nielsen’s help, Google will begin to take that information and overlay sampling-based ratings, adding a rich demographic layer to the raw numbers that EchoStar provides.
“For 40 years, we’ve been placing advertising believing that commercials are getting the same reach that programs are getting. We now know that’s not true,” said Steven J. Farella, president and chief executive at TargetCast TCM, a media planning and buying agency in New York.
View the fill NY Times article here.

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