iPhone Applications - An Overview

A few weeks ago, I posted about the siren's song of the iPhone application for communications people. It's the new hot thing and a lot of marketers / agencies are saying "we need an iPhone application!" without thinking through the "why" part of the equation.

Adverblog has a great post about the contradictions of the app store and global brands which is well worth reading. They also have a link to a presentation with some mind blowing stats about mobile apps (sorry, the link is broken so I can't embed).

It's a bit of a sell deck to show how great applications are but the statistics are quite stunning - especially the fact that there have been well over 500 million downloads from the app store and the level of engagement for some branded applications like Audi's.

Canadian penetration is going up (even though iPhone app sales slowed in Q4) and as smartphones become more ubiquitious, the call of mobile applications will get lounder and louder.

Is your brand ready? More importantly, is your brand right for this medium?