Peer Into a Soul

Full disclosure before this post. This campaign came from my agency and I work with a ton of the great people who helped put it all together. It's been getting a lot of attention in Canada (and around the world) and we couldn't help but post about it. So here it goes.

Recently, Kia launched a series of TV spots and a tease microsite to promote the launch of their new car - the Soul. The spots get your attention immediately. Here's the 60 (there are 3 in total, edited into 15's, 30's and this 60):

My favorite:

And the third:

Pretty good stuff. In the first phase of the campaign, a series of short spots were launched that were just a tease of the main character(s) looking peering into the cars. All the spots ended with was the URL:

On the microsite, users could explore images of the new car and register to be the first to learn more about it (and see the spots before anyone else had).

A number of blogs are picking up the campaign and I suspect that as the TV spots begin to hit airwaves harder, traffic to the site is going to increase dramatically.

What I love about this campaign is that it shows how digital thinking can amplify a traditional tease campaign. As Marketing magazine reported, people watch TV with their laptops. If something peaks their interest, they search it or type in the URL - immediately. Campaigns that know that and can work off that insight will win and be remembered. I suspect Kia will be one of them.

Nice work team.