The trailer I never watched

After what feels like a lifetime I finally saw the move Slumdog Millionaire. The trailer that is currently the second most viewed ad on YouTube in the past 30 days with 999 post (I will be 1000 if I am quick enough) and around 3.2 Million views was sent to me about 10 times and I refused to watch it. Why? Because trailers spoil movies.

After seeing the movie I watched the trailer and I am completely happy with my decision. This trailer would have ruined the movie.

Trailers should pique interest, allow movie-goers to understand a premise, the style of a movie (horror, drama, porn, etc) and identify if favourite or hated actors are in the movie. Too many trailers these days turn the entire movie into a 60 second long version.

Movie trailer industry please quit doing this. Ok thats my advertising rant for the week.