Skittles might be random, but they get it

In the last few years, Skittles has come out with a ton of random, off the wall TV advertising. The spots are irreverent, hilarious and impossible to forget. Here's one of their latest that is starting to get some good press:

In the digital space, however, Skittles has been like most other brands - just OK. Until now.

The new Skittles site is very simple. You go to it, enter your age and agree to the terms of service. From there, a small Skittles widget appears and you can surf other sites (Like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Wikipedia) to see all of the different content and conversations going on about Skittles across the web.

There is no master site, no funny flash videos or games, just a widget that takes you to some of their different properties. You can become a fan on Facebook (there are already a few hundred thousand), follow in real time what people are saying about Skittles on Twitter or even edit what Skittles means on Wikipedia.

It's a great strategy. Why build a site that people have to come too when you can go to the places they already are and provide them with cool content or added-value tools.

This idea isn't new (as AdAge mentions) but it's very smart. I hope that more brands take this approach in the future. Go where the conversations are already happening and be a part of them.