Like Small Animals? Samsung Does...

File this under the "Random Video" category for Samsung. Full credit though, as this looks to be real animals in some funny situations (all grounded in the different 'capabilities' that the handset has - from small fireplace to 'Hedgehog World Domination Tool.'

The video was posted in mid-February and already has over half a million views. Samsung - known in Toronto for it's awful out of home ads - seems to be taking a Telus-like approach here with the heavy animal play.

Like the video? I actually thought it was pretty funny. So funny, in fact, that I checked out the microsite. Guess what? Like most things with a good video or TV spot, it's a let down (mostly due to the long load times and lack of engaging experience.

But hey - at least they still let you watch hot Chicks on a dance floor.