One Thousand Posts

A little under two years ago, we started AdJoke. What started as a little blog with a few posts per week has become a passion that we have become addicted too - posting almost everyday at least once and trolling the web for the coolest content we can find. We've had a few redesigns, a few good posts and a steady increase in traffic since we started. Today, we've had over 26,000 unique visits and are hoping to grow even more in the next few months.

We didn't start the blog to 'get our names out there' or show everyone how obsessed with digital we are. We began it because our lives revolve around digital (and advertising) and we want to share the campaigns that we thought everyone should aspire too (and also those we think you should never want to do).

The best part about the blog, though, is our readers. We love getting suggestions for new content, feedback on our posts and the occasional argument about the latest site. We love linking to our other favorite bloggers (especially the Canadian ones) and the fact that AdJoke is now on dozens of blogrolls across the web.

To celebrate our 1,000th post, we are throwing out a challenge to our readers:
  • What is the one thing you would recommend we change about the blog? Do you think we should do a complete redesign? Add a feature that we are desperately missing? Write about something that we've never talked about before? Anything.

Over the next week, we will take the suggestions and pick our favorites. Winners will receive a small prize as well a lunch on us (if you live in the area...otherwise we will send you an emoticon of a sandwich).

Thanks to everyone who has ever read the blog. We really appreciate your support and remember to check back often and help us in our quest to dominate Marketing Magazine.